Question Night, July 18th 2007


Here is the (Now more colorful and easier to read) log from the Question Night!

[Wed Jul 18 13:36:19 2007] MESSAGE OF THE DAY: Tonight at 3pm EST, we will be holding a server first question night! You will be given the chance to ask the senior staff about anything and everything in regards to SOD - lore, background, details on future planned zones, and just about anything you can think of. With this, we aim to dispel some pervasive rumors, give you more insight into what's around the corner, and compile a helpful ToK post aftewards. Details will be available in a bit.
[Wed Jul 18 13:38:34 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'This is how questions will be fielded: I will go through this right before the start of question night too. There will be two moderators, Dev-Woldo and Dev-Tem. In order to ask a question, you /t it to either of them. As long as it hasn't been asked before, and it doesn't suck, the question will eventually be fielded by the GM you sent it to in /broad.'
[Wed Jul 18 13:38:44 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'And I will answer (sometimes another GM might chip in on the answer)'
[Wed Jul 18 13:38:58 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read MOTD.'
[Wed Jul 18 13:50:19 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'OK people, we're gonna start taking some questions now, so that the moderators have time to line up a few for start of question night.'
[Wed Jul 18 13:50:30 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'You can start /t'ing your questions to EITHER dev-tem OR dev-woldo'
[Wed Jul 18 13:50:52 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'You may not receive a reply, but don't send tells to both or several tells or whatever. Your question will be considered.'
[Wed Jul 18 13:51:02 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Try not to tax them more than they will be already =p'
[Wed Jul 18 13:55:29 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Going to answer a non SOD related question since several people asked it. I will not comment further on non-SOD matters: Yes, dawntide is still alive. We're in talks with investors, which is why there's a lull in development. Not going to release any other info on the topic until the negotiations are done.'
[Wed Jul 18 13:56:49 2007] Admin-Wiz says out of character, 'Dawntide is an independent MMOG developed by a bunch of the people behind SOD. We're in early alpha, but haven't progressed for a while due to the need for a complete redesign after we get actual funds.'
[Wed Jul 18 13:57:00 2007] Admin-Wiz says out of character, 'Which is why I've been spending so much time on sod lately, pretty much =p'
[Wed Jul 18 13:57:05 2007] Admin-Wiz says out of character, 'But enough on that.'
[Wed Jul 18 13:58:25 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Fetchinga cup of coffee, then taking a question from woldo.'
[Wed Jul 18 13:59:28 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Okay, woldo, taking a question.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:00:16 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Will get the biggest and most received one out of the way first. "What is the current status of the MQ faction quests and are we expecting to see further continuation of the overall MQ storyline anytime soon?"'

[Wed Jul 18 14:00:43 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'I refer the people who asked this to the "Quests for the People Project" post on the balance discussion forum.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:00:50 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'But short answer: Yes, it's a current priority.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:01:35 2007] You broadcast, 'With the war coming in full effect, will the Kunark zones soon be released as zones under Kaezuls rule, or will they be more of a refuge after Kaezul/Whomever it was with such power attacking Newport previously re-take the world as we know it.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:02:21 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Kunark plans are currently a bit fleeting, so I can't really comment on that. We have too many things to finish in the old world before we can think of kunark.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:02:33 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'But kunark is under kaezul's rule.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:02:54 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Multiple people write: "Are there any plans to add to the game addition AAs such as Gates AAs? "If AAs are not a possibility will there be other new ways to progress your character past the AA cap?"'

[Wed Jul 18 14:03:50 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'We cannot add new AAs, but I am developing a system of "advancement tomes", that work by utilizing your normal XP at 65 to advance you in the area of your currently selected tome. One tome might make you better against dragons/giants, another might increase your spell mitigation, and so on.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:03:54 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Essentially pseudo AAs.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:04:03 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'These will be for the very high end only, with few exceptions.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:04:15 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'And will most likely have steep AA requirements.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:04:29 2007] You broadcast, 'Will there ever be another set of spells added, such as the archaics for INT Casters in Prison, Archaics for priests in Thaz, etc?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:04:46 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'We have no current plans for a level of spells beyond archaics.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:05:56 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Are we going to see the implementation of the Pristine Item idea anytime soon or has the anti farming code done the trick to help the economy?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:06:17 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Pristine will be implemented in some form or another, there are still big issues particularly with tradeskills.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:06:47 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'I just decided to let balance take a backseat for a little while in favor of content and things like the QFTPP.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:06:59 2007] You broadcast, 'Is Sanctum nearing release and is it the end-all zone for Shards of Dalaya?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:07:18 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Sanctum is expected to be released within a couple weeks or so, and as currently stands, yes, it will be the hardest area int he game'
[Wed Jul 18 14:07:25 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Quests for the people project.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:08:41 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Are there currently plans to expand more on Kelethin, since there are already NPC's there. Such as it becoming a starting city? - Kerolynne writes'

[Wed Jul 18 14:09:01 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Kelethin is already a starting city for non druid / ranger wood elves and will eventually be the starting point for all wood elves.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:09:07 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'So short answer yes.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:09:13 2007] You broadcast, 'Why are classes like rangers being nerfed down instead of classes being buffed up to compare to the DPS of rangers? Won't this unbalance make it harder on the younger guilds to progress through the content especially since the higher tier guilds had that dps when they went through the content?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:09:34 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Because if we had to buff everyone up the minute a class got unbalanced, the game would be trivial in no time.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:10:00 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'And no, not really, you're talking about a pretty trivial amount of dps to a raid, rangers not being unbalanced will not make or break young guilds.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:10:41 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Sometimes we buff up, sometimes we buff down, but I refuse to be hand tied with just one or the other.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:11:05 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'What is the current situation with the unimplemented or unfinished tradeskills such as baking (unfinished) and tinkering (unimplemented)? Do we currently have a Dev working on this or are all focusing on the new quest project?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:11:24 2007] MESSAGE OF THE DAY: Server first question night is in progress. This is for asking the senior staff questions about everything in regards to SOD - lore, background, details on future planned zones, and just about anything you can think of. With this, we aim to dispel some pervasive rumors, give you more insight into what's around the corner, and compile a help ToK post afterwards. Questions will be answered as long as they haven't already been answered and not stupid. If you have a question /tell dev-tem or dev-wold

[Wed Jul 18 14:11:26 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'We've just hired a tradeskill dev to get to work on baking, tinkering,and the rest. Also one of the GMs is currently taking a shot at poison making.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:12:00 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Pottery and fletching revamp and such was supposed to be included there =p'

[Wed Jul 18 14:11:43 2007] You broadcast, 'Do Paladins generate more hate wielding a 2 handed weapon and stancing or by blocking with a moderate AC shield?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:12:21 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Uh, I honestly don't know, but I plan to change the paladin level 20 style to work with 1handers.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:12:32 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'It will be reduced in power though.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:13:44 2007] You broadcast, 'If sanctum is the hardest zone in the game, where will Kunark zones stand?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:14:05 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'It's the hardest area in the old world / planes, no comment on kunark.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:14:17 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'But realistically you can probably expect kunark to be harder.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:14:20 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'What is the current situation with the Mage rebalancing effort? Many mages believe themselves fairly underpowered and have been told in that past that it was being looked into.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:14:43 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Let me run you through a short list of things mages have gotten lately without even noticing, apparently:'
[Wed Jul 18 14:14:46 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, '- Monster summoning'
[Wed Jul 18 14:14:53 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, '- Companion strength was doubled in power'
[Wed Jul 18 14:14:59 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, '- Mage AAs were boosted'
[Wed Jul 18 14:15:08 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, '- Mage nukes were made faster casting (yes archaic is being looked at)'
[Wed Jul 18 14:15:22 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'I have a hard time taking the unbalanced mages seriously when they are utterly oblivious to the efforts actually being made for them.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:15:56 2007] You broadcast, 'Will you be adding more 'epic' type quests (Life Ward, Ancestral Mask, etc) with this QFTPP?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:16:20 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'We do not have epics. At one time said quests were called epic, but we went with the MQ instead of epics.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:16:43 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'The focus will be on mostly low and mid level quests, but higher levels get MQ6 and probably a few quests as well.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:17:09 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Are we ever going to learn more about what happened in/to the Lands of Magic? Also are there any plans to reimplement any of the zones from that area?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:17:38 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Yes and no. Malath's home zone (Sanctuary of Malath) will be a quest based zone for malath worshipers that goes heavily into lom lore.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:18:09 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'I posted a list of the planes / deity zones that we are releasing in the alignment & religion thread.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:18:17 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Feel free to check it out and ask about those particular zones.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:18:25 2007] You broadcast, 'Gotten alot of will X ever be implemented: Vah Shir? Mounts? Bazzar?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:18:30 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'No, no, no.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:18:46 2007] You broadcast, 'The SK stance 6 adds minimal avoidance and drains stamina at a rapid rate, where as the ranger stance 4 drains no stamina and has a HUGE avoidance boost are these being looked at to be balanced seeing as SK tank worse than rangers with any sort of parry mod at the moment'

[Wed Jul 18 14:19:06 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'I suggest this as a topic for a thread, it requires too much of an opinion call to be a good question here.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:19:22 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Try to ask questions that I can give a direct answer to instead of having to pull up data and compare balance issues.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:19:29 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'The forums are there to discuss balance.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:20:00 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'With the upcoming changes to the war will we be able to in any way go on the offensive? Also will there be any lore released about the current situation of Kaezul and his troops?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:20:13 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Yes and yes, but no details.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:20:18 2007] You broadcast, 'Will there be any new types of augments, such as ones for weapons or bows?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:20:46 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Bows will get augments with fletching revamp - crafted augments that add to your bows crit rate.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:20:55 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Weapons - no current plans, but open to the idea if the ts dev wants to do it.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:21:59 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Is there any way we can get a quick overview of where the Gnomes in SoD came from? Looking through other races their origins are much more clear.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:22:39 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'The gnomes, like most races, are one of the younger races that came about from the age of Freeport. In essence mutated humans.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:23:04 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'They had a pretty unspectacular early history, and mostly went their own way while the other races warred.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:23:15 2007] You broadcast, 'What is the Necromancers target DPS, in relation to the other INT casters'

[Wed Jul 18 14:23:37 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Again, I'm gonna refrain from balance questions, because they are invariably leading.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:23:53 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'If you want to get my opinion on the subject start a thread.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:24:11 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'With Sanctum and TOT nearing release are the item changes also coming soon?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:24:18 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Well, woldo, are they?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:24:23 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Yes =p'

[Wed Jul 18 14:24:37 2007] You broadcast, 'Where does Inner Thaz stand? Are there any plans for it or will it be lesser in the difficulty then sanctum?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:24:56 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Look for the item changes in the next week. We are on the final touches. (sorry for interupting)'

[Wed Jul 18 14:25:03 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Sanctum will be harder than the hardest parts of Thaz, but specifics you'll have to ask Xeldan.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:25:07 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, '(He's not online)'
[Wed Jul 18 14:26:06 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'We could use some more questions /t'ed to dev-woldo or dev-tem. Feel free to ask specifics about upcoming content for instance.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:26:22 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Will the Ruins of Nakthillian be made into more than just a death pit in the near future? (It currently houses Deathtouch mobs from the invasian by Kaezul)'

[Wed Jul 18 14:26:37 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'There will be a quest involving it, that's all I'll say.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:26:45 2007] You broadcast, 'what exactly is going on with Baldakos, and why is he being so quiet?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:27:06 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Good question. One might assume he is plotting something.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:27:27 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Are there any plans to implement Mielechs Laboratory in the near future? Any specifics available?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:27:46 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'I think thinkmeats has some plans for that zone, but basically it got left in the dust for more important things.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:27:52 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'So possibly.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:28:00 2007] You broadcast, 'Can you give out the Melee accuracy formula? I assume it is something like Accuracy = Weapon Skill + offense + dex - Mob Defense - Mob Agility divided by . am I close?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:28:32 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Weapon skill, offense, dexterity vs defense and agility, modified by AAs, level, and so on.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:28:54 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'So yeah pretty much.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:29:01 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, '(I like this question mucho) "I noticed that Malath is not included in the "Gods of Dalaya" book. Is there any more information about him becoming available now that Religions are out? Other than what you can gather from Sadri malath.'

[[Wed Jul 18 14:29:20 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'One thing to remember about the gods of dalaya book is that ic wise it was written before the fall of Freeport.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:29:29 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'This was before Malath was known to Dalaya at all.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:29:49 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Like I said earlier, you will be able to find out a lot about Malath in the Sanctuary of Malath zone'
[Wed Jul 18 14:29:53 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'especially if you worship him.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:29:41 2007] You broadcast, 'Gtoo: Rabb told me DFS was a spaceship, is this true? Could you go over the lore of DFS'

[Wed Jul 18 14:30:33 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Haha. Actually, dreadfang is a planar travel device, that was created by a pretty crazy sivyana worshiper who wanted to create a weapon for Sivyana to overthrow Tarhyl with.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:31:20 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Basically, it failed, the spire ended up in frosthorn, and the creatures in it never came out of stasis. The gnolls in frostfang found a big spire sitting on their doorstep and moved in the unused lower floors.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:31:53 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Eventually they poked around and woke the spire's inhabitants up, and they ended up driving out and generally killing / enslaving gnolls.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:32:01 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'That's the story behind dreadfang.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:32:18 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Will the release of Kunark be one big expansion or are we looking at it as a new slower progression of released zones?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:32:43 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'I think I already answered this: We don't have any concrete kunark plans, we've shelved it in favor of all teh other things that need finishing.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:32:54 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'But I would say most probably one big expansion.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:33:13 2007] You broadcast, 'are there any plans for planes such as Mischief, Growth, or others? Will there be planes for all deities?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:33:35 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'OK, since you guys refuse to read it, I am going to list off the planes / deity zones that are currently in the planning stage.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:33:41 2007] You broadcast, '(City of Mercy will be the best)'
[Wed Jul 18 14:34:05 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Plane of Fire (Gorzenath, non swearable deity) - pofire from live'
[Wed Jul 18 14:34:15 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Plane of Earth (Sihala) - growth'
[Wed Jul 18 14:34:54 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Plane of Entropy (Gradalsh) - podisease and mons letalis'
[Wed Jul 18 14:35:10 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Sanctuary of Malath (malath, duh) - grimling'
[Wed Jul 18 14:35:33 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'The Silent Halls, City of the Numb and Frozen Heart (shojar) - Three ldon mir zones'
[Wed Jul 18 14:36:18 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'City of Mercy (althuna) - Sseru. Yes, we're reusing sseru and ignoring the fact that it existed on lom, because there's no other good zone for it =p'
[Wed Jul 18 14:36:44 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Plane of Lore (jayla) - PoTime.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:36:56 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'That includes all the deities who do not currently have zones.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:37:12 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'There will be quests for the divine light and pariahs, but not their own zones.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:37:46 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'The deities that have the best zones to hunt (ie the best zones you miss out on) will have the best quests / deity augs.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:37:56 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'I think that should answer everything about deity zones.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:38:03 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Are there any plans to rebalance PVP in game?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:38:10 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Yes.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:38:28 2007] You broadcast, 'What is the staff stance on PvP? And are there any plans to beef up the pvp on the server? there are some pvp issues and it would be great if there was some extra effort put forth to make it better.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:38:56 2007] You broadcast, '(Last one was asked kinda so next~) Are there any plans to finish Storms Eye?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:39:02 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'After we finish the MQ faction quests, I've been playing with the idea of silver crown vs council vs blackscale PVP, where you can opt-in to PVP for your faction and get a beefier faction reward.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:39:19 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'But it's just an idea of the drawing board at this point.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:39:53 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Religious PVP is an option too - dividing the deities into warring blocks - but faction seems more logical.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:40:05 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Tem jumped the gun, answering SE now'
[[Wed Jul 18 14:40:35 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Basically, the vault part of SE has some lore that ended up not being relevant anymore, I will most likely do something else with that area. Maybe even another giant boss or two.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:40:51 2007] You broadcast, 'I have gotten a few questions asking if you can raid your home plane, the answer is no, Enthann is an exception to that because he wants players to challenge him.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:41:34 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'OK, there will be several gods (Jayla, Malath, Enthann) that do not realy have raidable areas you miss out on, so to speak'
[Wed Jul 18 14:41:52 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Jayla and Malath will have quest focused zones and you can raid enthann even if you worship him'
[Wed Jul 18 14:42:04 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'The tradeoff is that the quest rewards for these gods will be weaker, ultimately'

[Wed Jul 18 14:42:27 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Are there any developments in the hiring of an "Event master" as was being advertised on the main boards for a while?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:42:59 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Yes, it met some complications but we should hopefully have steady events soon.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:43:14 2007] You broadcast, 'Is it possible to create a new class? and if so would you ever do it? Or implementing a new race such as a race that wasn't in the origional game? Like a goblin/kobold/gnoll'

[Wed Jul 18 14:43:30 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'It's not possible, nor do we want to create yet another class that has to fit into the limited raid roles.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:44:22 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Will we have any continuation of The Prophet line of role playing events? Is this related at all to the War and the Main Quest?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:44:44 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'The prophet will retreat from the limelight due to being played by me, but this ties into the EM.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:46:33 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Is there any way we could get an idea of what raid tier each new plane coming out will be? This way we know what our guild will be raiding/not raiding beforehand and can take this into account when swearing to a deity?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:47:02 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'I can give you vague estimates, but if they don't hold up to reality don't get mad at me, it's partially up to the individual designer.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:47:18 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Plane of Lore and Sanctuary of Malath will be quest zones, not raid zones.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:47:39 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'PoEarth will be about PoAir level or so. Woldaff, comment?'
[Wed Jul 18 14:47:52 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Entropy will probably be about torment difficulcy.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:48:05 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Later PoAir. Think of it as starting from WR and continuing from there. (PoEarth)'
[Wed Jul 18 14:48:16 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Shojar's Depth (the name for the three mini zones together) will be close to totarhyl (which is the hardest plane)'
[Wed Jul 18 14:48:34 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'City of Mercy a little above torment level.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:48:42 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Nm, city will be valor level.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:48:58 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'and pofire is the oddball, but probably mid range somewhere'

[Wed Jul 18 14:49:14 2007] You broadcast, 'are there any plans to use LDoN style zones? With like missions and such?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:49:28 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'No, not really. We're not big fans of instanced dungeons.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:50:41 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Will the new deity augment quests be just for AA'd 65 toons? Or will there be deity quests (augment or not) for all levels with each deity?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:51:15 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'I hope, at least, that we can provide some 40ish and upwards deity quests, but it's ultimately up to the zone designers.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:51:40 2007] You broadcast, 'Are there plans to implement the titile selection menu? Similar to the one in OoW or GoD?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:52:00 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Our client is too old to use just about anything god or oow except for the god zones and models.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:52:42 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Will there be any new Tier 1-2 raid content released in the near future or are the Devs focusing just on later tiered content? (Tier 1 and 2 are around EDHK and Gnok/Lavascale level)'

[Wed Jul 18 14:53:05 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Tem, why don't you take this one.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:53:24 2007] You broadcast, 'I plan on adding several mobs on the level of Gnok/Lavascale/Plaguefang'
[Wed Jul 18 14:53:39 2007] You broadcast, 'that will be located outdoors and should provide some fun for the lower tiers :D'

[Wed Jul 18 14:54:11 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'OK guys, we're running out of questions again, so if you have any you just thought of, shoot them to dev-tem or dev-woldo'

[Wed Jul 18 14:54:12 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'This one has been answered but its still a pretty pervasive one so I will let wiz end it : "Are there any plans to upgrade the client to a newer version?"'

[Wed Jul 18 14:54:19 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'No.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:54:47 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'It's not worth having the game unplayable for months while we try to fit whatever version of EQemu we end up with'

[Wed Jul 18 14:54:58 2007] You broadcast, 'Are you willing to give out the exact % crit chance on crit AA's? Casters and Melees'

[Wed Jul 18 14:55:03 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'so that we can have the latest fancy title box or whatever'
[Wed Jul 18 14:55:36 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Well, yeah, sure, but I don't have the numbers on hand, so start a thread asking for them to be added to the AA descriptions or something.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:56:03 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'It's not a secret or anything though.'

[Wed Jul 18 14:56:06 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Are there any plans to implement new Adept mobs?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:56:19 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'No current, but it's something I'd like to do if we find time.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:56:36 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'A couple more level 60 adepts for all the traekoth locked people would be nice =p'

[Wed Jul 18 14:56:39 2007] You broadcast, 'Are there plans for new 6-12 man content? As was suggested at an earlier time?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:57:02 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Again, one of the things we'd like if we have time, but we have a lot of plans right now, as you undoubtedly noticed.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:57:09 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'We only have so many devs =p'

[Wed Jul 18 14:57:49 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'What is the status of the PL/Insta LD bug research that was being done a bit ago? Any progress into a possible fix?'

[Wed Jul 18 14:58:14 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Well, the status is that we know exactly what causes it but there's not much we can do about it. Are you interested in a breakdown of the problem?'
[Wed Jul 18 14:59:04 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'OK, basically. The client encrypts all data sent between it and the server with a unique encryption key that is generated when the connection is opened.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:59:27 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Every two hours or so, the encryption key is refreshed, but we do not have access to the serverside response that needs to be created for the key refresh to go through.'
[Wed Jul 18 14:59:42 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'So when the key is refreshed, the server fails to respond properly, and the client can no longer receive packaets from the server'
[Wed Jul 18 14:59:45 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'ergo! pl bug.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:00:36 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'As for why it doesn't happen in some zones or you can soemtimes stay on longer... it's a mystery. The Game client uses some archaic process to decide on when to refresh its key.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:00:46 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'It's probably based on the # of packets received/sent.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:00:59 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'So in a raid you'd run into a refresh faster than when alone in an empty zone.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:01:33 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'So yeah, that's everything you ever wanted to know about PL bug.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:01:36 2007] You broadcast, 'Will there be a tribute system for gods? Like giving your god money, items, or something to raise your standing with them?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:01:42 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'No such thing in plans.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:02:31 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, '(In original form). BEGGING! Tell us about BEGGING! (I am assuming she wants to know whats happening to the beg skill =) )'

[Wed Jul 18 15:02:52 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'We still don't know what to do with begging honestly. Look at the big bd thread for some ideas.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:04:38 2007] You broadcast, 'are there any plans to give currently unused cities like underhill and oggok etc gate necks?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:04:45 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Yes.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:04:56 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Any plans/ideas for omplementation of the Language system? (Talking in Elder Dragon, Dark elf etc)'

[Wed Jul 18 15:05:10 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'I guess, if we find time, but it's not a priority.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:06:00 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'A quick thing about a TON of the questions I have been getting.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:06:18 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'If you question boils down to a suggestion, we are not taking them during this. Post any suggestions on the S and R board.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:06:41 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Asking it like "Are there any plans to change X class in *this specific way*." doesnt make it any less of a suggestion =p'

[Wed Jul 18 15:06:44 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Yeah, this is for clarifications, not leading questions =p'

[Wed Jul 18 15:06:51 2007] You broadcast, 'Has the issue of "Raid bugs" and "Group bugs" been looked at? Like logging into zones while ungrouped but finding yourself in a group/raid from earlier or not seeing certain members of a group/raid?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:07:07 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'I'm going to put our junior programmer on solving those once he's a bit more warm in his clothes.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:07:51 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Can you explain what exactly causes the New Exp bonus to slowly go away? I have been told by some time and by others amount of exp. '

[Wed Jul 18 15:08:23 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'It's the # of levels / AAs you have attained in that zone./'
[Wed Jul 18 15:08:39 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, '1 level = 5 AAs, comparatively'
[Wed Jul 18 15:08:50 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'After half a level or 2.5 AAs, you lose the 25&PCT; bonus'
[Wed Jul 18 15:09:09 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'No, not at 65, altogether.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:09:16 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'It's not raw exp based'
[Wed Jul 18 15:09:25 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'It's literally based on how many &PCT; in levels/aas you have gotten.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:09:43 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'New exp bonus resets at several points.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:10:03 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'But I don't know otherwise, I can only tell you how it's programmed to work.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:10:05 2007] You broadcast, 'a piggy back question that is still on the subject, are there plans to reset the bonus after a certain amount of AA's have been achieved? or new EXP zones to be added'

[Wed Jul 18 15:10:32 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'No current plans on #1, #2 is kinda beyond the scope of the question.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:10:50 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'No. it's NOT raw exp based, please read what I am saying.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:11:16 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'If you get half a level at 10 in zone X, your new exp bonus fades away. If you get half a level at 65 in the same zone, your new exp bonus also fades away equally.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:11:34 2007] You broadcast, 'Has every item in the game been found? off of all the availiable raid content? (Gotten this from a few people)'

[Wed Jul 18 15:11:44 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'No'
[Wed Jul 18 15:11:45 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Nope.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:11:57 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'There are unkilled mobs in nightmare, thaz etc for one =p'
[Wed Jul 18 15:12:26 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'There is also a 0.1&PCT; drop with FT10 from gnok that noone has gotten.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:12:32 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, '... okay, not really.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:12:47 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Are there any plans to make liberating a war zone more rewarding? As of now not many do it since the named pop rate is low and the effort involved.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:13:15 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Well, it's a balance between making it more rewarding than defending, but short answer yeah.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:13:26 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'We have quite a few things we plan to add tot he war.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:13:39 2007] You broadcast, 'will a visable to others Success/Fail message be added to tradeskilling so that others can know if your combine was successful or failed?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:13:56 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Well, sure. It's just one of those things I keep forgetting to add.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:14:01 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'I'll try to remember to do so soon.'

[[Wed Jul 18 15:15:20 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'With the recent out cropping of racial hatred will we be seeing the implementation of a Message of the Night?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:15:53 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'No, but we do plan to add a night history month where everyone has to pretend that they love the locked shop doors.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:16:29 2007] You broadcast, 'Will item links explain what their proc is? Like the items with a tash clicky.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:16:39 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'We have no plans to add spell descriptions.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:17:24 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Will the Deity based holidays be updated now that the religion system is in place? Will each gods day in some way buff up their followers?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:17:47 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Well, that's more of a suggestion than a question, but it's not a bad idea at all.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:18:42 2007] You broadcast, 'Are there plans of raising the monk weight limit over 19 at level 65 and will there be any way to raise monk FD over with item skill mods or the new Exp Tome system?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:19:04 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'We have no current plans to increase either fd or weight limit, but you're free to make a pitch for it on the forums as always.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:19:31 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'OK, I'm going to summarize what holidays are real quick since the info isn't really available anywhere'
[Wed Jul 18 15:20:29 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'There are a few special in-game days on the in-game year. They are announced when they begin and when you log on during one. Marlow's Night is coming up soon, for instance (24th of December, its currently the 16th)'
[Wed Jul 18 15:20:32 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'The holy days are:'
[Wed Jul 18 15:21:22 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'March 1st: Shiritri's Dawn - Charm/mez spells harder to resist and last longer.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:22:09 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Tarhy's Reign, June 1st: Fire spells are increased in power by 20&PCT;.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:22:25 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Shojar's Day, December 1st: Cold spells, 20&PCT;'
[Wed Jul 18 15:23:02 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Sihala's Harvest, September 1st: All healing spells increased by 50&PCT;, resurrections are mana free.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:23:23 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Marlow's Night, December 24th (night only) - Lifetaps are doubled in power, undead are 50&PCT; stronger'
[Wed Jul 18 15:23:41 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Also, in addition to the holy days, there are seasons and day/night'
[Wed Jul 18 15:23:47 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'This is IN GAME days, people'
[Wed Jul 18 15:23:51 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Not real life'
[Wed Jul 18 15:24:21 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Each element has its season. Spring is air (poison), summer fire, autumn earth (disease)'
[Wed Jul 18 15:24:24 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'and winter cold, of course'
[Wed Jul 18 15:24:30 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'spells of that resist type are cheaper and more potent'
[Wed Jul 18 15:24:36 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'during their season'
[Wed Jul 18 15:24:52 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Finally, heals are stronger during the day, and lifetaps and undead creatures, including necro pets are stronger during the night'
[Wed Jul 18 15:25:34 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'That's everything about seasons and holy days.'

[[Wed Jul 18 15:25:50 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'What are the current plans for Cmal 4-2. Is the newly added flag being rethought?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:26:10 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Read the S&R thread on the topic, i don't feel like getting into this here.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:26:16 2007] You broadcast, 'War Question: Where is it all going in the long run? What is the point of it lore wise?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:26:40 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'The point of it lore wise is that kaezul is attacking you. Where is it going in the long run? That all depends.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:27:04 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'I'm not gonna tell you what will happen if you win / lose, you will have to work towards that goal and see what happens.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:27:59 2007] You broadcast, 'What zones do the Staff members/Dev team like the most?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:28:26 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'That's such an awkward question because you seem like an awful person if you pick your own zone, but...'
[Wed Jul 18 15:28:31 2007] You broadcast, 'There will always be a spot for Dreadfang Spire in my heart '
[Wed Jul 18 15:28:56 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Dynaks "Fun" House and the Plane of Mango are mine'
[Wed Jul 18 15:28:57 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Lore-wise, prison is my favorite zone. Gameplay wise, the zone I always loved to raid the most is dreadfang.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:29:08 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'So with tem there.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:29:17 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Yeah Dreadfang is pretty awesome.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:29:46 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Highkeep is probably my favorite dungeon, though'
[Wed Jul 18 15:30:01 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'But that's purely because of all the little touches I put there but noone even notices =p'

[Wed Jul 18 15:30:11 2007] You broadcast, 'I really liked Paw'
[Wed Jul 18 15:30:39 2007] You broadcast, 'but high end dungeon wise, You can't beat RSM!'

[Wed Jul 18 15:30:50 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Stop channeling thinkmeats.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:31:10 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Are there any plans to add more rewards for raid diversity? Therre was a post about this being balanced at some point.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:31:26 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Err, we already have the third-loot thing.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:31:30 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'What else do you want?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:31:40 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Gnomes. In bikinis.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:31:49 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'I'm thinking no.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:31:52 2007] You broadcast, 'Is the advanced pathing that was added to zones like Cata and PoAir going to be reimplemented?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:32:13 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Only if I can get someone to rewrite it. It simply was too resource consuming to work on a vast scale.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:32:48 2007] You broadcast, 'Is there any chance of casters getting stances that can increase like their saves or damage for a short amount of time?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:33:40 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'No, no caster stances.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:34:12 2007] You broadcast, 'Does Wiz's name imply that he is a wizard or that he is 'teh smart'?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:34:35 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Neither. The story behind my nick is actually a really crappy story.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:34:39 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'But sure, I'll tell it.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:36:04 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'The name comes from my ultima online character, who was named after the way in which I would PK unsuspecting people with the spell paralyze and a very big halberd. Then, after I ceased being thirteen years old and realized what a terrible nick WizBang was, I shortened it to Wiz.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:36:22 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'It's pretty much the worst name story ever.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:36:33 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'The web site currently says that the Information Database is "Under construction... no really". Is this a lie?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:36:44 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'That is spam lying.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:37:04 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'I was a thirteen year old griefer, okay?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:37:45 2007] You broadcast, 'Are there any plans to add more Velious textured armor to the game? and will Plane of Mischief ever be used?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:38:14 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Well, if the individual devs want to give their armor velious textures I'm not gonna stop them, but there's no particular plans, because most people use at least one luclin model.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:38:21 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'As for mischief... maybe.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:38:38 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'What is the story behind Wiz's hatred for the Vah Shir? '

[Wed Jul 18 15:38:57 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Let's just say I don't consider anyone who names their character MurrMurr LickPaws an upstanding member of society.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:39:14 2007] You broadcast, 'Is there someone working on upgrading fomelo?'
[Wed Jul 18 15:39:26 2007] You broadcast, 'Aeran was gobbled up by orcs IRL and Foma flew to the moon '

[Wed Jul 18 15:39:29 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'No, but try yelling at Aeran and possibly punching him in the face.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:39:32 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'You sometimes get results.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:40:06 2007] You broadcast, 'I'm getting a few tells on Dyes being added, but I'm pretty sure the answer is no :p'

[Wed Jul 18 15:40:19 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'If the frequency of badly named humans is a gnome, and the frequency of badly named frogloks is a cyclops'
[Wed Jul 18 15:40:34 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'you couldn't fit the model for the frequency of badly named vah shir into all of western badlands'
[Wed Jul 18 15:41:01 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Yeah, no dyes.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:41:07 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'How far would you say the MQ has progressed? Are we nearing 50&PCT; done or is it undecided?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:41:17 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'MQ6 will be the final old world phase.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:41:59 2007] You broadcast, 'Any plans on making the guild window work?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:42:27 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'None current, but it's something I'd like get the junior programmer on.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:42:53 2007] You broadcast, 'Does the Diabolic charm up DoT crits?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:43:05 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Crit enchancing focuses do enchance dot crits yes.'

[Wed Jul 18 15:43:53 2007] Dev-Woldo BROADCASTS, 'Can you elaborate on what AA upgrades mages have gotten?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:44:22 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Well, upgrade, specifically. The amount of effect your AAs have on your pet through elemental mastery was increased.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:45:45 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Alright people, we've run out of viable questions, so I'm gonna call question night to a close.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:45:57 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'There will be a ToK post with all the Qs and As once we have cleaned the logs and such.'
[Wed Jul 18 15:46:06 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Thanks for your questions and hope we cleared some stuff up.'

A big thanks to Nwaij for putting some color and spaces in this!


Dalayan Beginner
Re: Question Night, July 18'th 2007

Wow, awesome! I won't have a chance to read through all that until tonight or tomorrow, but sweet idea!

I just wish it wasn't at noon here =/


Re: Question Night, July 18'th 2007

there any way to format that a litte better? like have wiz in one color tem in another and wold in another, maybe some spaces between groups of questions and answers? ...please?


Dalayan Adventurer
Re: Question Night, July 18'th 2007

guyvertoo said:
there any way to format that a litte better? like have wiz in one color tem in another and wold in another, maybe some spaces between groups of questions and answers? ...please?

but ive dont Ctrl+F to find what i wanted


Staff member
Re: Question Night, July 18'th 2007

I am sure if one of you fine volunteers did it we would post it =p


Dalayan Pious Diety
Re: Question Night, July 18'th 2007

Put this in the first post, Thank you very much Nwaij


Dalayan Elder
Re: Question Night, July 18'th 2007

I am very glad this was posted because I was at work when it happened and I just spent the last 30 minutes reading it!


Staff Emeritus
Re: Question Night, July 18'th 2007

Not that Temellin has ever said anything worth reading, but still!


Dalayan Pious Diety
Re: Question Night, July 18'th 2007

Homogenn said:

Not that Temellin has ever said anything worth reading, but still!
Getting rid of the white background will increase readability by a ton Foonie....


Staff Emeritus
Re: Question Night, July 18'th 2007

Nwaij said:
Getting rid of the white background will increase readability by a ton Foonie....
Yes, thanks, I know this, but I also know that all the other themes suck major balls. I know this because I've tried them.


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Re: Question Night, July 18'th 2007

Nwaij said:
Getting rid of the white background will increase readability by a ton Foonie....
It'll also make browsing at work a little more conspicuous =/

And wtf... Woldo should be pink. He's the one who's so into girly colors!


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Re: Question Night, July 18'th 2007

Hasrett said:
It'll also make browsing at work a little more conspicuous =/

And wtf... Woldo should be pink. He's the one who's so into girly colors!
Teme got pink for his signature.


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Re: Question Night, July 18'th 2007

Finally had a chance to read it, great info and great idea. Thanks Wiz, Tem and Woldo!


Dalayan Elder
Re: Question Night, July 18'th 2007

Temellin said:
[Wed Jul 18 15:37:45 2007] You broadcast, 'Are there any plans to add more Velious textured armor to the game? and will Plane of Mischief ever be used?'

[Wed Jul 18 15:38:14 2007] Admin-Wiz BROADCASTS, 'Well, if the individual devs want to give their armor velious textures I'm not gonna stop them, but there's no particular plans, because most people use at least one luclin model.'
For everyone that doesn't know. Go into eqclient.ini and change
to all TRUE

You will find that A LOT of armor already uses velious textures (and beyond). Examples being cmal 1/3 armor, dragon/giant to combine armor, and thaz armor


Dalayan Beginner
Re: Question Night, July 18'th 2007

Pretty cool stuff, its good to see that the devs are interested in what players have to say and will answer questions as to the content and future of the game. I've never seen a Q&A session of this size that wasnt in a magazine. Thanks Devs, we love you! :dance: :dance: :dance:
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