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Blue fungus powder is for the Wizard armor quests in SNP from the wizard guild leader, i think it's the 4th step. There is no info on the wiki for the entire line (or the enchanter line)

Ratman ale is used in the magician & wizard armor quests from SNP, the wiki has the info up for the entire magician line. I dont know if Enchanters use it or not since i dont have one.

The Field crucible is also for the magician quest line, step 7, the quest page links to the item drop page, but item drop page doesnt link back to the quest.


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giant head quest

can we get some kind of a counter initiated to keep track of quest turn-ins... be very helpful for the turn ins on the giant head quest...


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I found me 'a ystharan scale' down in Cmal 3 today. Never seen one before and wiki doesn't seem to have any info. In a quick search of the forums I didn't see anything useful posted about it either... anyone know what it might be used for? OOC said maybe a ranger bow quest, but I think they were thinking of the ysthar flesh that drops all over the zone.


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The only thing that comes to my mind is the shaman mask pt. 2 quest. I recall needing scale from a dragon in outer prison or from "a powerful Mage" in cmal. So I think that is what you came across, you didn't mention what dropped the scale though so I'm guessing to an extent.


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The shaman mask 2 piece is I believe off of the 4.1 guy (harvester) and called flesh of the creator. The scale dropped off a random trash snake in 3. I wish I could, but I can't remember the class of the mob. Thanks for the suggestions though folks! I'll keep hunting.


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the plane of lore quest piece is a book from cmal2
Plane of Lore has a bazilion of quests with a baazilion of questdrops from a bazilion of zones. I wouldn't disregard the option that this is for one of these quests just yet.


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Any ideas about a 'Bloodstained Doll' or 'Pre-Sentient Yclistinite' both from Bloodied Quarry? The doll drops from Miner Furni. The Yclistinite is a ground-spawn found in the crack in the wall behind the spawn point for Earthhand Serlinda. Can't find any info at all about the Yclistinite. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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