Problems Loading and Crashing with Thaz.


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I continuously crash loading into Thaz Tower, I have not been able to fix this problem and would like to since this prevents a critical progression point.

I tried the following but was unable to correct the problem:
1) Deleting bothunder files and repatching.
2) Deleting bothunder files and using a bud's files to replace mine.
3) Reinstalling EQ via Steam and repatching.

I've had Draeos look at my "dbg.txt" file and it doesn't look like it has any issues.

Hopefully someone can help me out. Thanks in advance!



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sounds like it might be the same too many models loading issue i occasionally have with zmal -- try replacing the contents of your bothunder_chr.txt with
and see if you're still crashing


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some other things that might help are turning off luclin models or turning logging off. think the command is /log off. That zone has a ton of mobs in it and can trash even the best of systems during some of the fights.
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