Possible scripting fix re: Nec caster pets and Mana Con


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This is a slight script spam issue I've found when using the Necro's Hierophant's Acolyte in conjunction with Bracelet of Shadowed Wrath.

The mana conservation extends to the pet, as I get the emote 'Your Bracelet of Shadowed Wrath Shimmers Briefly' whenever he casts a spell. The problem is, that when the pet has cycled through all of its DoTs, it begins to do this rapid-cast thing as a test to see when one of the spells expires, so that it can recast. The resulting interaction with the bracelet is a wall of "shimmers briefly" emote text at the rate of a dozen-ish per second. The only stop for it is to manually cancel the pet's casting.

Any thoughts?


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I can look into this. From what I see you can filter the message. But generating them is not ideal.
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