Possible broken quest - A'han Stoneheart's quests - Part II


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When I was leveling up my Iksar Necro in Grobb, I came across this quest and couldn't complete it. Part 2 of the quest requires to to gather some drops, one of them being "Viper Scales" from Slouch Vipers found in Stinger's Bog, and combine the items in a quest sewing kit. I probably killed a good 100 to 200 vipers and never saw them drop. They did drop two different kinds of scales, "Slouch viper scales", and "Snake Scales". I tried doing the combine in the quest kit with the Snake Scales and the Slouch Viper Scales, but the combine failed, saying I had the incorrect items in the bag. I triple checked to make sure I had the correct items, so I think the issue is with the scales dropping. See below for wiki articles, and attached screen shot has the quest text from the NPC where she asks for two viper scales.

My necro's name is Kraulkis, if that matters for logs. https://shardsofdalaya.com/fomelo/fomelo.php?char=Kraulkis

Quest found on the wiki page - A'han Stoneheart's quests - Part II

Item on the wiki - Viper Scales, I never saw these drop from slouch vipers (I killed them in the swamp and Greenmist Jungle)

Slouch Viper



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I just combined the items in the quest container and it worked ok. Make sure the items are not stacked.

Once again, enter the jungle to gather materials for your apprentice attire.'

Make sure your in Greenmist Jungle
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Oh shoot, I didn't see you had to do the combine in Greenmist, I was doing it in Grobb. My bad, thanks guys!
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