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Hello everyone,

I searched and didn't find any related topic to this subject so im posting a new thread.

I've ben doing the Plane of Lore quests, which require to gather a few artifacts from the minions of different gods.

So they asked for a Gradalsh or Sihala minor artifact.

I organized a raid which were able to kill Balagan and Blackfin, which for my surprise didn't drop the artifact.

Now im wondering if there is something wrong with the mob or they were made not to drop. Because of other's gods artifacts I've killed the first named on his plane for the artifact.

So why on Plane of Entropy, home of the god Gradalsh, the very 1st nameds dont drop the minor artifact?

Thank you for your attention.


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The mobs don't always drop the relics (I think, verify?). Also balagan I can see as droping a major artifact as he is a required mob to kill to progress. Try getting the swarm queen.


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They always do, it's just 3 mobs drop the minor and 3 mobs drop the major. For entropy I'd check the bosses that you missed (fly dude, adulterant, possibly queen).

I've been after a major from Entropy/Earth for AGES... Earth is farmed for the relics by the higher tier guilds so that's difficult to get a relic from, and the Eyes of Entropy event is pretty brutal for a pickup group even with t9 tanks, making the major the biggest hurdle in entropy.


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Sorry, havn't done PoLore relics myself (thus need for verify statement in first post). I would believe there is a chance the minor drops from The Swarmborn Queen, Gurdsh the Crucible, or Vetri the Scourged. Just focusing on difficulty, not experience. have not been to entropy since PoLore went in.

I would think the major probably drops from Zercutz the Adulterant, Anuek, Avatar of Entropy or Ythla'Shk.

Like I said these are not the ones that drop them, just what I think would drop them based on their difficulty. Let us know when you find out the for sure ones!
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