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I'm a ranger and now that my runic 2 is a bird pet I kinda feel rangers are a pet class.

I wish to start off by saying I don't mind my runic 2 change and I think it was quite a cool change.

This is post is mainly about Companion Health.

Companion Health is amazingly important. It is a night and day difference if Mooshie (my birds name) has it or not.

Pets only check to see if the player has Companion Health when you first summon the pet or when you zone.

I use Sisera's Double Banded Belt on my ranger when I zone or summon my bird so he can have 35% more hp.

I am terrible at this game so I often forget to switch belts every time I zone. This means I have to put the belt on after I zone and then /cm refresh, zone back in and out of the zone, or /q and log back into the game. When the zone I am in crashes I have to log back in, then put on the belt, then log back out, then log back in....

The only Companion Health up grades I could get are Mask of Multiplicity or Claws of the Beast the problem is they are only upgrades for my Companion Health and I would still only use these items when I first summon a new pet because it died or when I zone.

I don't really see remembering to put in one item when you're about to zone as being that amazing of a game mechanic. So I think its time to discuss a possible game improvement to Companion Health as a whole.


An Archetype tome should be made to grant you innate Companion Health.

There is currently 8 levels of Companion Health in the game you can get from gear, so I guess the most logical thing to do would be to add 8 rank of this tome into the game. Tomes and the worn effect would not stack clearly. In some cases the worn effect could just be removed from gear all together.

These tomes could be granted to the player in many different ways:

- The tomes could drop from mobs. Alakazarr, Grand Summoner has Companion Health VI on it and its from a T6 raid mob; so a Tome of Companion Health VI could drop off random T6 mobs, or a specific T6 mob, or the tomes could lag behind and drop from random T7 mobs.

- A mob could be added to the game that will give you a proper tome for giving it an item with Companion Health on it. I think this would be the best way to handle the tomes. The item would have to be useable by the class that turned the item in. This means a Ranger could not get a Tome of Companion Health VI from turning in a Alakazarr, Grand Summoner since the staff is Mage only.

2) New Pets Idea

I don't like this idea as much as the tomes but you could just add more spells to the game for every class to get a new pets. These pets would be the same as the last but just have one more rank of Companion Health worth of hp on it. These spells could drop from mobs of similar difficulty to the mobs that drop the Companion Health level gear.

3) Nerf to Companion Health

Your pet getting up to 40% more HP just from a focus seems a bit silly. You can increase the amount of hp all pets have by 32% and then just make each rank of Companion Health only give 1% more hp to the pet yet the pet would check to see if their owner has the Companion Health focus on them every so often.

32% + 8% from Companion Health VIII = 40% hp the same amount pets get now. I know this is bad math.. the %'s can be twicked to be the same hp I just wanted people to get an idea about what I'm talking about.

This would change end game zero and help out lower end pets to have a bit more hp.
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I like the second idea.

I don't mess with it, but its gotta be terribly annoying for all the pet classes that need to swap around gear every time they zone in order to maximize their character.

Maybe +20% to all pets plus 3% per companion health, that only applies while its actually being worn. I'ts a PITA to keep up with focuses, but its just how the game works for casters. Let them gain a bit stronger overall effects, but have to actually wear pet focuses. Makes itemization more interesting in some cases, and more restrictive in others, but either way is better than this constantly-swap-everything game that goes on now.


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i feel like this is basically just you complaining about having to take one extra step to ensure your extremely huge borderline overpowered dps boosting pet stays alive. i think this because you complain about it all the time.

companion health/strength are the easiest of the focus effects to deal with since you dont have to actually use them all the time. like you said all you have to do is zone and then take them out, i agree this is not an amazing game mechanic. however, adding tomes is a terrible idea, making new spells, also terrible, nerfing the focus itself, especially to the extent you suggested, is just being lazy and trying not to care about the focus at all.

also rangers being given a pet spell does not make them a pet class, since they clearly have limited itemization and no aa's relating to pets. adding a spell in way way way after the fact for ??? reason does not change that.


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your crying because you have the ability to gain an effect of an item ur not wearing? why not treat it like any other focus effect and take the downgrade in an item to get the effect all the time? you would wear an item that is slightly less ac or stats to get a +10 archery mod or cold focus right? why treat this any differen? if you dont want to take the stat drop then swap it... i think its fine as is and amazing they give you the option to take a stat drop or to swap the item when zoning/summoning. all three of those ideas are terrible imho playing 2 pet classes. im sorry.


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Classic Kedrin thread.

But seriously, this is asking way too much. Just swap your belts around or refresh, not that hard.


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Nerf everyone except top tier people without useful tomes to do! Thats what i'm reading in this thread.

Like Tierilo said, make gear sacrifices. I still wear this POS as a bard because I need a singing mod quite often. Would I like to be able to wear a cooler bracer with a cool proc? Absolutely. At least you can wear your A+ gear and have your A+ pet if you just equip an item, type /cm refresh, and then wait 20 seconds, and reequip your item.
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Maining a Cle/Ran box I'd rather have them remove the pet completly and replace it with a
accuray buff.Giving us a pet capable to offtank was way too good.

And generally spoken,with the new arrows,autofire,(bane) bows from bounties we shouldnt
ask for anything more.
Cant remember any comparable improvements or upgrades on my Cleric in the same time,
more the opposite (haste nerf).
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if you can't get stats from an ammo item you equip, then you shouldn't get anything from an item thats in your bag an not being worn at all. honestly, if you aren't wearing it, the effect should be removed. the current workaround of equiping and refreshing should be nerfed. IMHO


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the current workaround of equiping and refreshing should be nerfed. IMHO
This wouldnt be bad except it would destroy caster itemization and make people wear items way undertier for some dumb pet to not die instantly/actually do dmg.


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Rabble Rabble Rabble!

Yeah, just wear the focus effect and suck it up buttercup. If the software was more versatile you would lose the focus the instant you took the item off, so this is complaining that a mechanic that genuinely deserves a nerf (changing items after zoning) is underpowered.


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If I had to guess they were going to fix this work around / hack long before I made a terrible post about it. No one important reads threads that I start, this is a known fact.

More terrible Kedrin posts to come people. This is only the beginning of the revolution.
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