Patch Notes - September 11th, 2020

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  • The /cmd command system is being replaced with # to match the rest of the EQEmu community.
  • Fixed a few spell timer and other buff-related bugs from last patch.
  • Rebel Acquisition Tokens have been converted to an alternate currency.
    • If you have physical Rebel Acquisition Token items, you can use the Alternate Currency tab in your inventory to reclaim them.
  • A new vendor in Refuge now sells the augments that were previously buyable from Logistician Zi`zi.
  • Kromtor NPCs will no longer attack Yiv War Trinkets during [Assisting the Kromtor].
  • Archaic Priest fragment combine should now work.
  • Flash of Light is now scribable by Beastlords at Level 5 rather than 6.
  • Milhad's Mark has been updated:
    • It previously consumed either 3 Summoned: Peridots or 1 regular Peridot; it now consumes 3 of either.
    • It no longer heals the target upon landing.
  • Spike of Agony comes up under Direct Damage > Poison rather than Direct Damage > Disease in the right-click spellbar menu.
  • Shock of Acid comes up under Direct Damage > Poison rather than Direct Damage > Cold in the right-click spellbar menu. It's description and icon have also been fixed.
  • The /cmd command system is being replaced with # to match the rest of EQEmu. (e.g. /cmd bind becomes #bind). This will be done in 3 phases over the span of several months to allow out-of-game documentation (e.g. wiki, ToK forum posts, etc) to be updated, as well as allowing players to adjust to the new syntax.
    • Phase 1 (CURRENT PHASE): Both /cmd and # are supported equally.
    • Phase 2 (a few patches from now): /cmd commands continue to function, but a warning will be displayed that the syntax is deprecated and to switch to the new command format.
    • Phase 3 (probably sometime next year): /cmd commands will no longer work and a message will be displayed informing players that the syntax is no longer supported.
  • Haste and Mana Regen potions now block player-cast buffs to prevent accidental loss of potion effects.
  • Buff cast times have been slightly increased to reduce spell lockout time on fizzles.
  • Mortal Deftness, Skin Like Steel, and Spiritual Bliss have been properly adjusted.
  • Soulbond will now work for reworked buffs.
  • Reworked buffs are now raid target-able.
  • Harnessing of Spirit, Talisman of Kragg, Focus of Spirit, Focus of Soul, Khura's Focusing, and Relic: Ancestral Focus have had their charisma forced spell stacking removed.
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not a big fan of the change to # commands since it is a symbol that requires a modifier key it throws a hitch in my typing also while the / would auto focus the current chat window # does not. hopefully at least the auto focus issue can be fixed. because without said fix I would require both mouse and keyboard to enter commands vs just the keyboard with /cm further increasing the time required to enter commands and chance for attempting to enter a command into a unfocused window.
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