Patch Notes - March 22nd, 2022

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We are pleased to announce the addition of in game block buff system!
  • The old #blockbuff system has been removed in favor of the client's built-in functionality.
  • You can now right click beneficial spells in your buff window or your pet's buff window to block those spells for you or your pet respectively.
  • Spells can be added or removed from either list via EQ/SoD Button > Character > Blocked Buffs/Blocked Pet Buffs. You can also use the /blockspell command.
  • NOTE: We were not able to migrate any existing buffs you have blocked because the new system stores the blocked buffs locally on your computer. You will need to re-block buffs.

  • The ooc and auction channels will now indicate if a player is Hardcore or Seasonal.
    • Hardcore names will be displayed as: "[Soandso] says out of characters..."
    • Season names will be displayed as: "*Soandso* says out of characters..."
  • Bind wound will no longer lock your client when your target is at max health.
  • Bind wound can now be cancelled by standing or sitting.
  • Standard characters will no longer be able to bind wound Season characters, and vise versa.
  • Disciplines will no longer 'grey out' your spell bar.
  • Attempting to use the old style system will now give the player a courtesy message:
Styles have been replaced for this class. Please see your class's Discipline vendor.

  • Item experience gain corrected to function at old behavior.
  • Adjustments made to correct a few instances of incorrect mob con level.
  • Show experience message reverted to old behavior, but will show bonus AA experience for levels 63 to 65. This behavior is best for gauging mob experience at all levels/locations.
  • Monks will no longer incur an experience penalty to their group for feigning.
  • Encounters that feign your group will also no longer incur an experience penalty.
  • The Ring of Intense Vengeance reward from the Instrument of Vengeance - Part IV quest has been adjusted. The item no longer has charges. The cast time has been increased to 10 seconds. (Previously 9s). This will remove any FOMO from not completing the final quest, but still allow the final version to be an upgrade. This is an interim fix until we separtate the final portion of this quest from the adept.
  • Topsy the Zoo Elephant quest has been fixed.
  • Rubblegrubbers will now properly drop Tone-less Ore.
  • Added more corrupted centaur tribesmen.
  • a Clans fisherman now requires level 50 to do his daily quest, and offers a lesser reward for completions after the fifth.
  • Sickly cyclops for the monk starfall quest has had its respawn lowered to 30 minutes. (from 2 hours)
  • Many, many quests, spawn rates, loot drops, and faction experience gains were adjusted to fit the difficulty of quests. This will be reflected on all three factions.
  • Tweaks and bugs were adjusted on the newest quests from last patch.
  • The Silver Crown Trading Company has decided to listen to reason, and allow any Corporal ranked individuals to help with tasks originally given to Sergeants only.
  • The SCTC is also allowing High Trader Bendrick of Newport to promote Sergeants to Traders.
  • Applying blind to target that is already blinded will now properly message "Your target is already blinded".
  • Players will now be blocked from deleting items with weapon models applied to them. There are a few other items that apply item adjustments to themselves besides weapon model tokens. If you want to delete an item with a weapon model token, you must remove the token first, or use the trash barrel.
  • Players will no longer be disconnected when attempting to delete an item under guestlock. (We are sure many have accidently d/c'd from forgetting to turn off guestlock)
  • The Titanium era bind on equip timer has been removed. Clients at Seeds of Destruction and beyond rely on the bind on equip confirmation pop-up window.
  • Kaesora chests have had additional items added to loot table
    • Old Empire Credits are now exchangeable (at a rate of 50:1) for Rebel Acquisition Tokens in dreadlands.
  • Magdolena, the Inevitable should now be properly flagging players on The Morgue of Erudin questline.
  • Adept and Quest loot have been properly balanced and given appropriate models.
  • Quest items now drop a little more frequently.
  • The following zones have had additional charm mobs added to them:
    • Stronghold of Enthann
    • Plane of Fire
    • Plane of Frost
    • Deep Overgrowth
    • Prison of Admyrzza
    • Tur'ruj
    • Yclist
  • DoT messages now use the following syntax for reporting damage:
    • Reports to self: __ has taken __ damage from your __.
    • Reports to other: __ has taken __ damage from __ by __.
  • DoT damage is now properly filtered under 'non-melee' damage rather than spell damage. Direct damage spell damage will continue to be filtered under `spell damage`.
  • Made improvements to load times.
  • Ravenous Codex: Evocation reduced from 10 to 5. While this item was intended to be powerful having 10 evocation made it outclass most other weapon setups for wizards/magicians for several raid tiers. Reducing it to five should make other options from tiers 6-9 more attractive while it still being a powerful item for where you get it.
  • Enduring Greaves - Affliction Enhancement V added for Shadowknights/general item parity.
  • Ectoplasmic Amplifier - Base bane damage reduced from 6 to 4. I was wrongly under the impression bane damage no longer scaled on expable items.
  • Ortananoch - Legacy of the Dragonkin will now proc twice before fading (from once). Lightning Blades damage reduced to 150 (from 260).
  • Many items in Filtration Chamber Six have been updated.
  • Leader of the Pack - Yclist Rats now have a two minute depop timer.
  • Enchanter "Chromatic" line will now correctly show up under "Direct Damage" -> "Offensive" instead of "Direct Damage" -> "Magic".
  • Wake the Dead will now randomize your skeleton's texture between three bone colors.
  • Dead Men Floating has been converted to a reworked buff.
  • Spirit of Snake now has a cast time of 0.3 to match its permanent duration.
  • Fixed many issues with Planar Gemstones. Please refer to forums thread for specific details.
  • Pack Spirit description corrected to reflect that it casts on the group.
  • Spelling error in Gurdsh the Crucible script fixed.
  • Healing Surge on Surging Hammer had its description updated to reflect that it heals 10 points of damage.
  • Dawn Seer Tarnok main quest speech has had some typographical errors rectified.
  • Larel Ir`Corenn zonetext typographical errors rectified.
  • Water Globule is now droppable.
  • Lavastone Saber from Efreetis in Fire Grotto has been repurposed into a pet weapon.
  • Infranywound Stricumen now has an alternate proc if you are using a charmed pet.
  • Unductoratory Flascertion has been reworked. Tanks will find it to be an aggro weapon. Cleric/Druid/Shaman may combine the item in a forge to receive the healer version.
  • Tornado Alley tornadoes will now despawn properly when the user is killed, or zones out before the proc is finished.
  • Rewoven Wyernhide Leggings have had some stats scaled upward to match the recently buffed Wyvernhide Leggings. Their tint has also changed to match the current color of Wyvernhide armor.
  • Rukre warrior (Bloodstorm) charm replaced with a damage mechanic.
  • Dormim in Oggok will now respawn if killed.
  • Innocuous fellow has left Eldenal's Mansion permanently. Someone, or something, may have taken up residence in his absence.
  • The spell effects on all Bakalak's Anti-Toxin potions are now correctly named after "Bakalak" rather than "Bakatak."
  • Avarice Demon - various bugs fixed, including spell greyout and the possibility of spawning more than one Avarice Demon.
  • MielechD door will now correctly port your group again.
  • Players will no longer be able to shield corpses.
  • Shielding the same target will no longer give the message "...ceases shielding Soandso", then "...uses their shield to guard Soandso".
  • Sneak will no longer fail the first time after getting attacked, or attacking, while sneaking.
  • Fixed a bug where a player's weapon model would be incorrect on zone load.
  • Fixed a bug where a player's client would lockout when casting an item spell when below the level requirement.
  • Fixed a bug with Air Elemental Form III where it did not properly give the pet the shiritri's favor proc.
  • Guard of Mercy will no longer put your paladin blessing spells on cooldown.
  • The clicky on Dragoner's Javelin now works correctly.
  • Crystal of Core Shattering is usable once again.
  • Yclistnite Exposure will now display in the buffs window again instead of the song window. This should give the spell the ability to be cured.
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Any way /blockspell display could be sorted in some way? ABC order would be swell.

Currently it looks something like this:

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Look at all of those Shimmering Runes - SAD! (on the real, if we are able to open up the buff limit for the short duration [songs] window, it would be a great place to put runes in general, and especially the somewhat marginal chromatic rune)
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