Patch Notes - December 3rd, 2020

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  • New event starting Dec 18th, see Season 1 Event Announcement
  • Low level rebalancing nears completion
  • #autofire replaced with /autofire, and /cm deprecation
  • Enchanters now gain access to the Tranquil Link AA at level 12. This AA grants the player a self buff that roots the player and pauses a charmed pet's expiration while the buff remains. The buff is fragile and will expire if you cast, attack, or aggro a mob. Your group can continue to fight while you safely AFK at a distance.
  • The misdirection spell line has been fixed to properly jolt the attacker when the buff fades. An absorb magic rune has been added to increase usability.
  • Radiant Visage, Overwhelming Splendor, Adorning Grace and Sympathetic Aura have been added to reworked buffs. (10min dur, 10mana cost, instant cast)
  • Aggression modifiers from gear, buffs, and Compendium of Aggressive Stances now apply to Hate Over Time spells.
  • Aggression reduction from gear, buffs, and AAs will now increase the hate reduction of jolts. (Conversely, aggression increases will reduce jolt power)
  • Stances that modify aggression now apply to all sources of hate. Previously these only modified hate generated from melee damage.
  • The following clickies now work instead of giving the "item is out of charges" message:
    • Batwing Beltbuckle
      Cloak of Displacement
      Dragonskin Kerchief
      Dream of Growth
      Magician's Wand
      Repellant Gardbrace
      Sash of Midnight
      Shroud of Flame
      Straw Wrapped Effigy
  • Heron Marked Sword has had its spell proc changed to Spikecoat.
  • Learner's Arrows have been assigned a range, meaning they're now compatible with bows and will no longer be treated by autofire as buggy throwing weapons.
  • Lifetap/Lifeflow clickies have been fixed to not allow you to target yourself.
  • Pristine mods now display correctly for weapon delay and bard mods.
  • Shield of Coalesced Leech Venom is now classed properly as a shield, meaning it can be used with the Bash skill.
  • a Keeper of the Art will now also improve Keepers of the Art faction for Mana Stones.
  • Clansman Mangar will now also improve Keepers of the Art faction for Skulker armor.
  • Ryznek of the Dreadlands now offers players of warmly faction to the Slave Rebellion a method of acquiring additional Rebel Tokens.
  • Addition Wyvernfang quest drops were added to Pirates in Sea Swords, Kaladin, Yaralith, and King's Pass.
  • Added BST to the Quickness spell scroll to allow memorization.
  • Shroud of the Ancients has fixed and should no longer grey out spell bars for long periods of time.
  • Soul Shroud should no longer be overwritten by Master of Death Recourse.
  • Selo's Song of Travel no longer stutter-steps.
  • Lure of Ice's spell description now lists the correct base damage instead of 0.
  • Mana Whisper and similar spells that heal your mana now send a mana update packet to the client.
  • Tentacle Shield has had its damage shield lowered and HP increased.
  • Aggressive and Defensive stance in game description has been updated to reflect its mechanics properly: "Increase Melee Atk Spd; Decrease Avoidance" and "Decrease Melee Atk Spd; Increase Avoidance" respectively. The attack speed has never applied to ranged attacks.
  • The #autofire command has been replaced with the client's built-in /autofire command. Please update your macros accordingly.
  • Ranger's Whirling Strikes stance now works properly. The in game description has been updated to reflect its mechanics properly: "Automatically Succeed Double & Dual Wield"
  • Melee Master AA has had its description updated.
  • The /cm command format is deprecated and will be removed in the future. A warning has been added to the old format.
    • Pro tip: If your chat window is set to something other than say, instead of using /say #help you can press the single quote/apostrophe key, which automatically puts you into say mode. e.g. '#help
  • Removed all but 4 of the roaming Piranha in Yclist to help with player performance.
  • Ryznek is now part of the Slave Rebellion faction.
  • Chronicler's in Citadel no longer drop tomes.
  • Gnarled Taldorian's health has been lowered slightly.
  • Possession of Sorrow has been removed from the Dream.
  • Tinkering has been fixed and should now level up normally.

  • The following have had their item rewards buffed:
    • Quests (21 - 30)
    • Quests (31 - 40)
    • Quests (41 - 50)
    • Quests (51 - 60)
  • The following tradeskills have had their pre-65 items buffed:
    • Leatherworking
    • Blacksmithing
    • Jewelcrafting
  • The following dungeons have had their BoE items buffed:
    • Tunnels of Lasanth
    • Siren's Grotto
    • Dragon Necropolis
    • West Freeport
    • North Freeport
    • Sorcerer's Labyrinth
    • Eldenal's Mansion
    • Mielech's Lair
  • The following treasure maps have had their loot buffed:
    • Very Easy Treasure Map
    • Easy Treasure Map
    • Moderate Treasure Map
    • Difficult Treasure Map


*fake Tinkerbell*
Tranquil link cannot be used in all zones, is there a reason for that?
I can't cast it in Kaesora, for example, I get the message it cannot be cast there.


Staff member
Tranquil link cannot be used in all zones, is there a reason for that?
I can't cast it in Kaesora, for example, I get the message it cannot be cast there.
I believe it was accidentally set to Outdoor Zones Only. It should be fixed next patch.


Dalayan Beginner
What purpose do the remaining pirahna serve if i may ask? (Besides potentially making runic pages super difficult to acquire?)

Ps great job I hope the lag is gone or atleast fixed/better for most players. Thank you for all the work you're all putting into the game!
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