Newbie Quest Feedback: Erudin


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Here's my feedback on Erudin area quests as a newb.

Quests without journal entries (I would guess the other class specific quests also lack journal entries, but as a warrior I couldn't tell ya):
Items with issues:
Dialogue prompts that seem to lead nowhere (maybe unimplemented quest? or I just don't meet the trigger conditions -- perhaps a tinkering quest (Znip is a gnome)?):
  • NPC: Znip (Erudin)
    • You say, 'Hail, Znip'
      Znip says, 'Why hello there. If you're a priest in search of magic, look no further!'
      Znip sighs, looking at you wistfully.
      Ranmere, I don't supppose you are interested in anything besides magic?
      - [D1] I am interested in other things!
Suggestion for a questline:
  • At the end of Defender Llina's quest, there's a missing noblewoman (in the quest you only find her torn dress), this story could be continued.


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I ran through Baubles & Bags yesterday as a new player would. The quest itself is great: educational, interesting dialogue, and good rewards for a brand new character. However, the drop rate on the kobold furs and dire leaves from the kobold runts and scouts in Mistwoods (killed over 100 of them and still wasn't able to finish the quest) is far too low. They're easily obtainable from the Warrens, but I don't imagine sending a level 1-5 player into the Warrens was the intent of the quest.


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Weird, I recall getting dire leaf/kobold very easily from those same mobs. Maybe RNG really hated you?

Edit: just tried killing scouts/runts in mistwoods and saw 100% drop rate for 8 kills
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