New Zones locations?

Kirin Folken

Dalayan Elder
Were are these new zones located? In relation to other zones.

I could just explore, but as some of these new zones are from Omens. I dont want to accidently zone into it and crash :( I currently do not have Omens files so guessing my characters would get stuck in limbo should I zone into them.

blah blah yes, I am working on getting Omen files, just in the mean time this info would be great.


Dalayan Beginner
Crags are located off of Southern Wastes, in the very northwest of the zone past the tent - you'll see two vah shir guards guarding it now; and Runnyeye is off of crags past the wood bridge.

BTW: Files are from Gates of Discord, not Omens.

Kirin Folken

Dalayan Elder
Err Ops... discord. thanks for the correction.

Ok so I dont have any danger of accidently zoneing into ether one :)

Good to know :)

Anyone know were The Deep is? and if thats a Discord zone or not?


Dalayan Adventurer
the deep is off of Runnyeye so no worries of hitting it accidentally. Not sure which expansion the zone was from.


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im pretty sure they wouldn't make a "new" zone and call it Runnyeye, when there was a previous zone with the same name that worked perfectly fine :D
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