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Our Naming Policy has evolved some in response to the HUGE variety of names (and creativity of users) since the initial policy was placed in the "Rules" page. As a result, I am posting this new clarifications thread and I hope it resolves what some people see as an "inconsistent" or "subjective" policy. All original rules still apply, this is just an addendum with clarifications.


What defines well known and popular can be subjective. Basically if your name comes from any remotely popular book, movie, tv show, magazine, etc. you may expect to have it nerfed sooner or later.

-- Objects/Places/Adjectives/Verbs in English
Generally not okay. You can't be "Rock" or "Salmonella", "Norway" or "Constantinople", "Fast" or "Colorful", "Jumping" or "Hiding"

This is still generally true, although players with names of objects from different languages Can be okay if they are unrelated. The Navajo word for "Holy" would not be appropriate for a Priest or a Paladin, but would work for any other class. The Swedish word for "spider" wouldn't fly for a rogue but might be okay for other classes. The Spanish word for "hill" could be appropriate for any class.

-- Sound Alikes
Depends on how close to the original you are. If it's instantly recognizable, not allowed. Merely adding letters as in "Hiiding" would not be okay. "Hydieng" could work.

-- Wordplay
You can't have two words in your first name that combine to make a phrase. You can't be "Lookhere" or "Jumpnow" or "Walkby". Nor can you do so in another language.

-- Real Names
Generally okay, with some exceptions for extremely famous people. Bill, Humphrey, Maria, Ashley, Hillary are all OK. No, you cannot be Jesus or Ghandi. Other famous people work, so long as they are not related to your character: Shakira is okay, BUT not for a Bard. Shaqille would be okay, BUT not for an Erudite. And just because some kooky person named his child "4Real" or "Gandalf" doesn't mean that because its a "Real Name" you can bypass the rest of the policies.

-- Real Surnames
Sometimes okay with some exceptions for extremely famous people. Adamson and Ludwig are OK. Clinton and Spielberg are not. Also, many surnames that have other meanings would not be allowed, such as "Baker", "Smith", "Lake" etc. Again, just because its a "Real Name" doesn't mean you can bypass the rest of the policies!

-- Real Companies
Sometimes okay with some exceptions for extremely well-known businesses. "Yahoo" and "Microsoft" are not okay. Also if it makes reference to your class/character, not okay - ie an entertainment business name would not be appropriate for a Bard; nor would a health care related company work for a Priest.


I know some people are very confused about this and its never been posted so let me clarify:

-- When your surname is nerfed, it is replaced with an underscore "_" which effectively prevents you from EVER making a new one. Since surnames are optional and much more difficult to police, you will never have the choice to pick a new one. A nerfed surname is forever nerfed. Choose Wisely!

-- Surname Gibberish Go Away
If your surname is long and extremely goofy or gibberish, it will be underscored. "Lovesunhappywow" and "Asdfghjkl" would both be underscored.

-- Phrases
If your surname makes a phrase on its own, it will be underscored. "Dancewithme", "Imsilly", and "Whatajoke" would all be underscored. Also true in another language.

-- Phrase Combinations
If your surname combines with your first name to a) make a phrase, b) make reference to a famous person or c) make reference to an object it will be underscored (but the first name will not be nerfed) "Yumyraz Berry", "Risolu Killsyou", "Horky Rocksyourbottom", "Jessica Alba", "Hillary Clinton", and "Stein Way" would get underscores - though all of the first names are perfectly appropriate.

Still true, as of course these as surnames don't make phrases by themselves or with the firstnames they accompany.

REQUESTS FOR NAME NERFS (recently changed)

If you find another player's name offensive, you may feel free to petition about it. Official policy for GMs is not to reply to the petition unless they have a question. When a GM sees the petition, it will be taken into consideration amongst staff (all names that are blatant violations are actually discussed amongst staff first). This is not an open invitation for you to petition everyday with a laundry list of names you don't like. Unless it's offensive or from Naruto (see: offensive) or for some reason a really bad name that you think may have gone unnoticed (see: from Naruto), you should just give it some time.

If your name was recently nerfed and you are petitioning out of spite where you never would have before then you'll be thrown in jail.

No names are nerfed on request of the player unless they are in Actual violation.

If you feel your name was nerfed unfairly, proper protocol is to send a politely written formal appeal to [email protected] and wait patiently for a response.


These are no longer done. In fact, any we see from when it used to be okay are subject to removal.
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Petitioning a laundry list of level 3 characters with really obscure Neon Genesis Evangelion references is just going to piss off whichever GMs see it. If there are a few really flagrant ones that have gone unnoticed, send me an e-mail.

This is NOT an invitation for you or anyone else to petition "There is a level 1 named Shamandude, nerf plz". We do check the names of every character online (easy when you can see through anonymous and roleplay) fairly often, and those petitions come across as backseat GMing.

If there's a level 54 character Random_Naruto_Character_002, then ... well, re-read the first post of this thread. Believe it or not, we aren't all huge anime freaks. You make a really obscure game show reference, and I'll probably catch it, though.


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Newly added:


These are no longer done. In fact, any we see from when it used to be okay are subject to removal.
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