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Asking for help or suggestions rather on what my first order of business should be on my two characters, kech and geifad. If you could look up their profile and check out their gear that would be swell, coming back after 5 years is a little intimidating, I plan on starting the main quest on both characters and perhaps picking a deity finally. Would you recommend both characters since I box be the same deity? Also any quick quest/farming locations for significantly better loot than they have now would be awesome! Cheers friends, kibbl


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Welcome back! I think the best things you could do is work on that main quest and deity quest. Having both characters on the same deity is potentially more annoying than not in terms of having to grab the same quest items twice, but in terms of raiding it only blocks one zone for both characters. Having different deities won't make it so your characters are kos to different cities or anything, so don't worry about that (exceptions are paladin/necro guilds and surefall glade for some deities). For deities I'd recommend Althuna, Marlow, Gradalsh, Sihala, or Enthann. As far as quests, you can work on your giant/dragon armor for eventual combine armor plus good exp and another quested aug as well.


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I might also recommend grinding out your "Athica Neck" in order to get both of your characters together in what used to be a good jumping off point for groups when I played last. You used to be able to buy "good" gear from vendors in Athica that groups had sold, which can be pretty significant upgrades for you. As for gear, I'd concentrate on getting your monk more HP and AC, if you plan to duo with your monk as a tank. Whenever you get a new piece of gear that you don't think you will replace for a while, slap an aug in it (AC or HP, idk, i've never played a monk).

I know I said groups, hopefully that isnt a laughable term at this point.


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Monks have changed a bit since you last played. You no longer have to worry about weight and our bare hand damage increases with str and dex. From a personal stand point, you lose a little survivability dropping your weapons but will gain a fair amount of DPS in the process. To start you hands are .74 or something like that and with your starfall gloves they will be .75. While barehanded in both primary and secondary monks receive a significant accuracy bonus. Monks generate stamina as they fight which they can use to empower their special attacks when in the correct stance. For /s 2 aggressive you get Flying kick (powerful DD), Round Kick (whirlwind) and Kick (3 sec stun/interrupt). In /s 3 defensive you get Eagle Strike (life tap), Tiger Claw (large aggro) and Dragon Punch (knockback and very short duration root). Once you are at ~41% stamina you will empower the special attack you use and it typically takes 20% stamina but that can be reduced by gear, tomes and buffs.

I always suggest bounties. The seeds are amazing and you can build some pretty great gear, especially for casters/priests. Tmaps and Cmal are great places for you to pick up solid gear if there are people doing them. Charms are one of the best places to dump your money, the 15pp charm of the brute will be what your monk uses for a long time and the ~675p charm of the mind will give the sham 1ft. I also suggest finding an active guild for groups. Get your monk worn haste, even if its just a 10% player made platinum jacinth those run about 250p I think?


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Offer to box dead ringers for any of the top guilds and get ur characters tier 11 in a week
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