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not sure of this is a mislabel, but checking the old patch notes list of different bodytypes you were gonna add i see "lycanthrope" bane on several items but wasnt mentioned as a new type. im assuming it was meant to be "monster" or it just slipped by a mention on the front page
for reference the items i see with this are:
Rise of the Fallen
Kaezul's Gift
Stone of Bilous Hatred

apparently it is Ancient Race and fomelo is just being bad and not showing the correct naming of the bane. on that same note hellhound ring shows "animal" instead of "nature" which isnt as confusing but figured i share nonetheless.
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Cold Water Elementals in Sirens do not appear to be elementals.
At least my bane damage spell on my druid and mage will not land.


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I am guessing that it may be the disposement spell that is f****d and that it no longer hits anything at all???????


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There are several items that have "Humanoid Monster" bane, but the Cured Lava Stalker Jerkin just has "Monster".


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Monster is what Conglomeration was I believe (In Spires)
Not sure if it still is. Queen's Gambit used to have 3 Monster Bane.


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still does. monster and humanoid monster are different. one is... humanoid (sivakians, cats)


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Is yivslayer going to get a change? With the body type changes +5 ikisth goblins doesn't seem to be found on my jalaya's insight anywhere and makes me confused.


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Not only is the bane damage on Yivslayer not a joke, but it's also completely functional and always has been.


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Spider-Smasher and Hoarfrost have bane dmg but not bane type

There are several redundant Thurgadin augs now:
Vampire Hunter and Sanctity = Undead
Pesticide and Antivenin = Insect/Arachnid
Poaching and Defoliation = Nature
Circuit Breaking and Deconstruction = Construct/Clockwork


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Painted War Mask is listed on fomelo as having Ancient Race bane dmg, but in game it shows up as Lycanthrope bane dmg. I hope this is just in anticipation of a new werewolf-themed zone!


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I still question the choice of Paw cats being humanoid monsters while Iksars are amphibians. I'd make them Sylvans in the same logic.
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