Main Quest - Races of Dalaya


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Hey there!

I've completed the portion of the main quest where you have to go around talking to everyone. Upon completion, I returned to Haley Swansong (I'm a Wood Elf Ranger) but all she says to me is "Hello there." It even gives me the full report of "You've spoken to" for each individual, but still all she says is "Hello there." If it means anything, I also don't have this quest in my active journal for some reason, and never did...

Anyone able to help figure out why I can't move this along?


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hmm what race are you? i think your initial letter comes from a specific quest dude and you have to go back to the same quest dude. so if you're an ogre and you get sent to the guy in the mountains you have to return to him.

alternately try to manually say her trigger phrase further down the dialogue tree from the wiki. maybe that will wake her up.


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This was fixed for me by Grink! If anyone else has this issue:

Apparently Wood Elf Rangers have a specific issue where, for whatever reason, you have to go to Willam Defar in Storm Sea and NOT Haley Swansong who gives you the quest. Some strange bug!
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