Invisible Plate Armor - Issue Pinpointed! (related to helm issue)


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Okay, so I have figured out *why* my plate helm disappears.
As well as my plate shoulders.
And occasionally my plate bracers.

It is DYE (for me specifically item tint). For any missing armor piece that would normally add an additional graphic to the player model (not just swap textures), the thing that determines whether the armor shows up or not is if there is a tint applied to that piece. If there is, the additional model does not show up. Just the lower res chainmail beneath with the item tint. Going into the dye window, and applying a pure white dye (aka "no dye", though you must actively select the "white dye" in the color window) causes each of these pieces to automatically reappear and display correctly!

I understand that there is a lot on the admins' plate (no pun intended), and this might be low priority, but I hope that by pinpointing the cause of the issue, it will make it easier to find a solution.

Additional findings: The dye *can* apply, but only if you open the dye window, apply white to the affected pieces, and click "Reset" to bring the pieces back to normal. This loads the plate, then applies it to the plate. However, zoning or re-equiping a piece of armor causes *all* affected pieces to disappear again. (possible the game loads the whole model on the character when a plate armor piece is applied. )

Theory: Perhaps the game loads armor in the following format: Body Texture -> Item Tint -> Plate, when it should load it Body Texture -> Plate -> Item Tint?

(I know I could have posted this in my previous thread, but because of the change in the nature of the issue, I felt a new one was warranted. I wanted to make it more visible in case anybody who works on SoD checks the forums.)

Additional questions: Does this apply to all dye? or just item tints? Like would a "white" item that would normally load, then have an applied dye to it, function properly through zoning? I'm afraid I lack the resources to test this currently.

If one prefers model over color, using the "remove dye" command could serve as a temporary solution.
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I appear to be having a similar problem after I got access to dyes on my characters (even before I started using dyes) .. though changing the tint to pure white doesn't seem to help.

Oddly, my breastplate / legs look fine, but arms/bracers/boots look like the underskin chainmail with no plate model geometry on top.

If i go into the dye armor interface and save dye on my armor the armor shows up again properly, but if i take off and put the armor back or go into an illusion on it messes up again. Also oddly, in the special platinum donator zone if I use the illusion to turn into a dragon and then click that off the plate shows up perfectly after that.

Also when I take off and put my plate arms back on again, the plate model geometry shows up for a split second and then disappears...

note: the part about the dragon illusion and taking off / putting back on for a split second seems to only sometimes happen? very odd...


Not sure if this is what did it as I was messing with some settings but I did the command /dopropertinting on then exited out of the game completely and came back in and it's working now.. possibly also may have had something to do with other settings I messed with though. LOD Bias (set it to max) or actor clip plane (set it to max)
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