Idea on buffs:


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Give the buff classes the ability to summon buff items that people can click.

Instead of having to log on 5 toons to buff one of your toons, then 5 toons to buff the other, you only have to log them all on once.

Or pay someone else that is sitting there with bags full of buff items just for that purpose.

Maybe give them a timer for existence long enough for 2 or 3 recasts for a group heading out so they don't have to come back for 'em.

Let mages summon a bag o' buffs!


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I'd even be cool with combining some spell-summoned item with a gem so they can be sold on the listsold.


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interesting thought. if classes had the ability to grab something like a blank scroll or empty potion bottle. then click it, cast a buff, goes on the scroll/potion. then you could sell those.

then to stack group buffs you could just buy stacks of the consumables meeting your needs (lol 10-14 inventory slots). gives low level dudes a way to make some cash and lets you re-buff in the field, which is nice.


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We do have the unused 'Research' tradeskill floating around in the code somewhere. Might be applicable to something like that.


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This reminds me of when my brother had a waterbed. It ended up having a slow leak that was a problem. Instead of addressing the problem he, in his teenage wisdom, put a comforter over it. Then the moisture got through that so he put another comforter. Then another. And another. The end results was not pretty.

It was almost like adding more layers to a problem didn't fix it at all.
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