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Good day!

We are extremely excited to see everyone enjoying the Season 1 Event. This new sub forum allows players to provide suggestions that others can then upvote. This will allow us to gather feedback while also prioritizing them. Some examples of topics are class play, spells, weapons, quests, zones, etc.

Good feedback will include as much information as possible. Your detailed play experience at any given moment in your progression through Shards of Dalaya will help us tune content. Try to keep each thread specific to a single topic rather than a multi-topic thread, so that it's easier to vote on.

Examples of good feedback:

Class: Enchanter
Level: All
Comment: The Rune spells are nice, but are unwieldy because of their rune requirements. While leveling I never used these spells because the reagent cost was too great.

Class: Necromancer
Level: 49
Spell: Bond of Death
Spell ID: 456
Comment: The Bond of Death's mana cost when you acquire this spell is too great. I basically never used this spell at the level I got it.
Player Suggestion: Reducing the mana cost by 15%. (or whatever the players experience feels is appropriate)

Quest: Forond's Fortifications
Mob: See below link
Quest Item: High Quality Bear Hide
Comment: The drop rates of these items are very rare. It is also difficult to find the quest item droppers because of how large the zone is. I believe the bears also might share spawn with other trash in the zone. Before I finished these quests, I had out leveled them.
Player Suggestion: Increase the quest item drop rate.

Raid Tier: 1
Boss Name: Vrikug Coralsha
Comments: The AoE attacks cannot be outranged or avoided by line of sight. The difficulty is greater than Tier 1.

Class: Shadowknight
Level: 1 - 33
Comment: For being the strongest single target threat class, their threat generation at low levels is non-existent. I had difficulty holding aggro against even pets.
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