How much can you duo?


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Hey everyone,

I've spent some time playing here with my son, but am looking at coming back as just myself now. I had originally been playing as a war/dru and he was a mag/enc. Now that I'm considering duo only, I had a few basic questions.

* These have been asked before and I apologize, but want some updated answers given the recent war/sk/pal reworks.
* My intentions (since it will influence your answers) are:
- duo to 65
- be as capable as possible to accomplish as much duo content as possible, without requiring a group. My play times are sporadic, often interrupted, and I enjoy slogging away at stuff (albeit slowly sometimes). So I'm hoping to do as much as possible progression wise as just the duo.

1) What would be your duo suggestions now assuming one toon is a tank, and why?
- I enjoyed warrior a lot, however if I was losing my mag/enc I would probably want to swap to one of the hybrid tanks for greater utility?

2) My understanding following the tank changes is:
- warriors are still top dps | middle mitigation | middle threat generation
- sk's are mid dps | mid physical mitigation | top single threat | lowest aoe threat
- pals are lowest dps (but close to SK?) | lowest physical mitigation but added spell mitigation | lowest single threat but highest aoe threat | but have greatest heals

3) Paladins now have target-of-target heals. Does this actually target you when casting? Or does it allow paladins to now heal themselves without targeting themselves at all? This was also a deal breaker for me, I hated having to swap targets like that constantly.

4) With everyone above in mind, how much do you realistically think a person could accomplish as a duo? How far through dungeons or raid mob tiers could that duo get? Or am I going to just flat out hit a wall at 65 and any gear upgrades at 65 are going to require groups, period?

Thanks in advance, really appreciate your time folks.


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I think any tank + healer combo can tackle requiem of hate but you'd struggle beyond that as a pure duo when it comes to getting gear upgrades.

If you enjoy warrior I'd just stick with it.


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I agree with Tev. Just duoing you’re going to most likely be capped out at Requiem of Hate. A lot of classes are pretty raw early one, but once you start getting different stances and more powerful gear you’ll notice a bigger difference.


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1 - I like dru box because of their DS, DPS, movement, ports. Clr is less squishy though and probably more forgiving on the heals, not to say that druid is lacking heals by any means.

2 - not gonna touch this because I haven't played with much of the changes

3 - afaik Paladins just get a line of self-only heals that are good but they have a longer cooldown. So you'd still find yourself switching targets to cast regular single-target heals/hots. I don't know of any pally target's target heals. The only class I know gets that is cleric and it's a DD that hits your target and heals your target's target.

4 - like the others said Hate is about as far as you'll likely get just as a duo, which puts you around t5-6ish once all that xp-able gear gets maxed out. Though some of the pieces only drop off the bosses and I don't know how well a duo could take those down. BUT on the bright side, it's going to take a long, long, long, long, long time before you should even start worrying about running out of things to do in this game even as a duo.


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If you aren't thinking about the raid game and this is a casual/duo combo, I think rangers, monks, beastlords and bards make great duo partners as well, in that order. Rangers get solid defensives, self damage shields and proc buffs, beastlords do quality dps and have pet gimmicks, monks are a solid all around melee class, and bards' ability to wear plate is underrated. All these classes dual wield and get forms of double attack. My caveat would be that you probably want to stay with your druid as they are the ultimate duo/PL machine and ports are invaluable for the casual experience.

Imo, you can competently duo 1 to 65 and into intial ikisith with an untwinked fighter/druid wearing level appropriate BOEs. If you don't mind medding, you can definitely do non-cheese duo in hate with any of the fighters or tanks but you may have to move a tad slower if you don't have a tank class because you will need to heal harder. All this is kinda least case advice though because with a little effort you can probably sneak your duo into a tmap group or a pug raid and get access to loots that make the duo work a lot easier. There is some excellent casual minded tmap loot and if you do end up playing a tank you can start your own tmap groups through Moderate maps (you can bash them open) if you so please.


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Hello Treyekh, I am Romulox the Paladin!

I play as a Paladin / Druid combo of mid tier. I like having a strong tank who can take hits, but the biggest downfall is DPS on some harder fights. Yet, for the harder things I usually bring friends along anyway. I guess I spend the majority of my time duoing for exp or quests and the combo is strong. I don't remember much about the leveling process as my druid was made around 2008 and the Paladin in 2010. Whatever you choose, make sure you enjoy it. (Here is why I enjoy mine)

Here are my personal experiences that come from my experience with this duo. (Paladin / Druid) Your mileage may vary.


Easy Transport from ports and succor methods.

The ability to track spawns.

Good Damage shield for passive damage while things beat on your tank
-Eventually with AA's, the druids boosts your DS effects by 40% on your group!

Buffs from Druid and Paladin complement each other
-Paladin symbol + SSS (The paladin special hps buff) stack with the 2 druid hps buffs. (I call it Palaegolism)
-The Druid regen at level 65 will help preserve stamina for your Paladins special stances and strikes.
-The Paladin and Druid Provide Magic resist -and- Cold / Fire Protection via buffs.
-The buffs last forever and no longer require a reagent for symbol (No more hoarding peridots, save some $$$)
-Paladin has a 40% self haste unless you wanna buy the 55% haste pots on the #listsold system.

Added pet damage eventually from questing (Frog pet - not super tanky and can't use good pet weapons)

The Druid heals well with regen and direct heals when needed. Eventually you can stack 2 regenerative heals (HoT's) on the tank to make harder mobs less stressful.

Paladin self heals don't require you to change targets while fighting and can fill in when an emergency rises.

You have 2 resurrection classes, makes it easy to vendor items and resurrect your other toon. This can help when farming cash or not losing money on multiple LORE flagged items.

Damage over time spells (DoT) on the Druid are rather nice and a low aggro option to prevent emergencies.

Invisibility spells for easy travel between dead and undead,

You can evac via succor or AA's when things go wrong.

Farming trivial mobs with a tank and damage shield is rather nice. You can use the aoe abilities to make large pulls, let them beat on you while minimally healing, loot and profit.


Low DPS (But higher survivability)

-EXP farming isn't the greatest, but well worth it after you are established.
-Buy the stackable DS potions in #listsold, "Spikes in a Bottle" Stacks with Everything
-Get the stackable Damage shield clicky ring from VE treasure maps - "Ring of Everfreezing Essence"
-Get a fire elemental illusion clicky for stackable DS!

Paladin needs a 2-Handed weapon to increase DPS, but you sacrifice defensive ability to do so.

Lack of Mana Regen buffs (Potions and Extended duration items are a plus!)


While I cannot offer advice on where to level as its been over a decade for, when you hit 65 I would be glad to show you some areas that obtain coin and new gear that you could easily handle despite gear etc. Just let me know.

If you have any questions regarding this duo please feel free to message me on Discord via DMs.

I am known as Romulox on SoD discord.
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Warrior/Druid is going to be a good duo. MoP is a thing, but having ports is really nice. If you don't care about the ports, I'd roll a war/claric


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If you grind enough AAs you could probably duo an awful lot. You can get solid gear with bounties too and that would likely push you to higher six man stuff which would likely have upgrades. Eventually you will cap out but I think you could probably go pretty far.


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It's been 18ish mo since i got banned/played, but my fav duo was Bst/Clr. Granted this was tier skewed to very high end so would need someone to weigh in on viability at low tiers. Enough defensive stuff to be able to handle a few mobs here/there, but more dps than a straight tank so it was a balance act. choose, more tanky or more dps.

And considering the nerf to being able to buffbot, this combo probably does better now. shaman + bst unique buffs + clr buffs. just lacking any major DS (think there's clickies for that) and top of the line mana/haste buffs (bst get bliss and celerity though so not a complete wash).
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