H.U.S.H. - Custom Soundpack to Disable Annoying Sounds


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Are you tempted to clip your familiar's
flap-happy wings?

Does the nonstop ticking of Underhill's
clockwork citizens drive you insane?

Have you or a loved one suffered hearing loss or
worse at the hands of an earsplitting waterfall?

There has to be a better way....
Well, now there IS!

Introducing H.U.S.H. -- Hide Unwanted Sounds Henceforth -- a custom soundpack to disable annoying sounds during your Dalayan adventures!

Bond with your silent familiar like never before.

Make merry among clockworks without going mad.
Experience the magic of one of Dalaya's most romantic
views -- without your ears paying the price.
These quiet comforts can be yours with minimal effort. And the best news? It's FREE!


If you, too, would like to hide unwanted sounds henceforth, follow these simple steps:
  1. Within your SoD directory, locate these files and back them up in case you want to revert:
    • lavastorm.emt
    • mirj.emt
    • mmcf.emt
    • mmcg.emt
    • tipt.emt
    • soundassets.txt
  2. Download the following .zip folder:
  3. Unzip the folder and place all included files into your SoD directory, overwriting when prompted.
  4. Log in and enjoy the game with fewer obtrusive sounds.

/salespitch off

"This game has sound?" We've all heard the joke, but I enjoy playing with sound. I like being able to hear when my tabbed toon begins taking hits unexpectedly. I like having audio confirmation of precisely when my nuke lands. I like the satisfying rattle of a skeleton's bones hitting the floor upon death. I know I'm not the only one.

On the other hand, I cannot stand having to hear that two-second twinkle of fairy wings that will loop for an entire fight. I cannot stand the overbearing crack of thunder that plays every five seconds during rain (which itself can last quite a while). I cannot stand the flap flap flap of Jowra's dreadful familiar.

So, I did my best to cherry-pick the most annoying sounds in the game for removal. Here's a non-exhaustive list of what I've taken out in no particular order:
  • Most flapping/flying loops, including but not limited to:
    • Bat
    • Drakeling
    • Drixie
    • Griffon
    • Harpy
    • Imp
    • Pegasus
  • Most ghost groaning/whispering loops
  • Spectre robe flapping loop
  • Nuclear explosions in Lavastorm
  • Bone crunching loops in Cesspits
  • Fireplace/torch loops in Catacombs of Elthannar
  • Heartbeat and creepy whispering loops in Plane of Lore
  • Waterfall loops in Mountain Crags of Tarhyl
  • All sounds of rain and thunder
  • Buzzing loops for bixies and wasps (BEES!!)
  • Clockwork ticking loop for pre-Kunark clockwork mobs
  • Debris spinning loops for dervishes (e.g. Ancient Rock Torrent)
  • Grunting loop for gorillas (Ogre Beastlords rejoice!)
  • Twinkling of fairy/pixie wings
The benefits are many. Disabling unnecessary and repetitive sounds allows you to focus on more important audio cues. Music, podcasts, and any other audio you've put on will have less "competition" to cut through. One or two stubborn veterans might even be tempted to dust off their speakers and give the sounds of SoD a second chance.

Please post here if you find any problems with the soundpack. Furthermore, chime in if you think I've overlooked any big sound that deserves to be stamped out. It's usually as simple as removing a single line of text. Enjoy! :cool:

EDIT 1: Updated .zip to include modified Catacombs of Elthannar file to remove fireplace/torch sounds. Turns out I'd already done this over half a year ago but forgot to include the file in the soundpack!
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Hahah, Grinkles, I love your presentation! Makes me want to turn on the sound just to hear what you're actually talking about, since I've never ever played with sound, even for a minute. Thanks!


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Thanks for this! Any chance to add the clockwork noises in LOIO to this? In particular, the constant squeaky sound at the beacon / accumulator gate point.
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