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Hello fellow nerds and nerdettes. I am doing a reboot of an adept guild. It's meant to be casual, no twinking etc. Will have some first time SoD players involved and I may do a blog for our progress / kills :)

I think we'll probably do 1 night a week for 2-3hrs and then if there's interest we do mini sessions during the day depending on availability (bc covid)

Post in here or DM me if this is something you are interested in.

I think so far we have:

Warrior + Druid

Melee (Rogue/Ranger) + caster of some sort

Shaman + Wizard

Necromancer or Magician


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I'd be in for this if it's not S/T/Th, and is pretty casual. Always loved adepts.



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Hey man, good to see you still around! We don't have a beastlord, magician, or monk. We are currently only level 9ish so plenty of time for you to catch up!

Edit: message me here or in-game (Dipple).
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There is still room for anyone that wants to join in on the fun! We have quite a few folks involved but the more the merrier! If you want to play a paladin/rogue (we have none), or a necro/mage/wizard (we have only 1 of each), cool! If you want to play other classes, that's cool too! Message me here or in game (Dipple / Salchicha)

I keep a blog on TUMBLR of our progress if you want to be impressed by my microsoft paint skills. definitely not a virus
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