General Conduct Policies and Minor Offenses

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This is Version 3.1 (Tao's first revision) of this thread. A few things have been added, a few have been removed, and some have been changed. With the shortening of the Minor Offenses comes a more strict enforcement, though, so make sure to read it carefully!


First off, a list of Minor Offenses referred to in Rule #15, affectionately known as the "List of Annoying Things That Get You Jailed".

Minor Offenses

The following is a brief list of things that will earn you a jailing sentence or a ban from the forums if you do them/bring them up here or in the in-game global channels. Things on the list are generally jokes done to absolute death, to the point that we never ever want to hear them again. This list will be updated as new annoying things come along.

1) Virulent catchphrases and memes. This list is tentatively empty, but things that become a problem in OOC may once again be added to this rule.

2) Asking if there are any GMs online. Use /petition.

3) Nationalist, sexist, racist or otherwise comparable jokes or slurs (this includes ones regarding sexuality).

4) Jokes about prison rape (particularly when someone is jailed).

5) Asking to be jailed. We won't necessarily comply with the requested duration of your jail sentence.

6) Making blanket statements about which classes are useless. For that matter, unless you have some intelligent commentary to make, leave this off the forums also.

7) Main Quest quiz spoilers - don't do these on the wiki, in ooc, in /gu, in tells, or anywhere else. The point of said quizzes are that people should at least skim the lore books, and having someone provide the answers defeats that purpose entirely.

8) Unsolicited messaging to GMs, Devs and Admins in game and out of game (Discord). Use /petition in game or ask in #sod if it is okay to directly PM a staff member.

9) Personal attacks based on Auctions or Item Prices. If someone wants to auction a Mithril Short Sword for 1500pp, they may do so. If someone chooses not to acknowledge the bids of a particular character, they may do so regardless of whether they have that character on /ignore. If someone wants to start an auction for a Bone Chips at 100pp or it gets sold to a vendor, they can do that as well. None of those actions give you the right to verbally attack or harass them.

Decency Policies

We strive very hard in Shards of Dalaya to keep the game full of players who are respectful to each other. These are policies that are used by the staff as a way to mitigate discourteous or disrespectful actions without adding unwieldy legalese that would have repercussions beyond our intent. Petitions for these policies will normally be discussed by staff online on a case by case basis. Basically do not be shitty to each other and you will not have a problem - but multiple cases of these sorts of instances will get you serious jailtime.

The Decency Policies:

1) We are fine with the spirit of competition. If you are racing someone else for a mob every once in a while that's fine. If you go out of your way to steal named at every opportunity using any means possible you will find yourself in jail.

2) Using higher level characters than the area is designed for to monopolize an unreasonable amount of mobs for the size of your group when there are others looking to hunt in the same area (for instance, a powerlevelling player pulling every mob in an area when there is also a group hunting there, or a player clearing every single mob in BB for faction while people are trying to EXP there)

3) Try to show general courtesy to players when hunting in the same zone. Excessive leapfrogging, pulling a named after another group kills its placeholder multiple times etc are all fun and games until it's done to you, and it promotes an infected atmosphere between players.

4) Engaging players in pvp by rezzing a player's corpse just to kill them again is considered griefing. PvP interactions are still social interactions, and a level of decorum is expected even when taking 4 characters to gang up on and kill a PvP flagged character during his/her raid.

In short, try not to be a jerk. When in doubt, communicating politely with the other players involved is a good start.

General Stuff

Casinos and Lotteries:

You are free to run your own casino/lottery for platinum/ingame items/whatever, on obligation that you follow these rules:
1) Keep any announcments to the /auction channel, NOT /ooc.
2) Do not scam. Seriously. If I catch you scamming other players or not paying out as promised your account is forfeit.
3) You may not have a character or account as a prize. You can't give your account or characters away under any circumstances, anyway.

Character selling and transfer, bots

You are not permitted to give away your account(s) or character(s) away. Period.

You may give ACCESS TO your account(s) away freely, but anyone who is the recipent of your gift of access should understand that they do not get any rights to the character in the eyes of the staff, and the original owner of an account may always claim it back, revoking any access you had. Likewise, if you are not the original owner of an account you have access to, then you are not the current owner of that account either, and doing malicious things to that account such as stripping it off gear, deleting characers and so on may result in an end to your adventures on Dalaya.

Parsing the Listing System

Anyone caught parsing the logs/farming the database/whatever to create a public database of the listing system will be immediately and irrevocably banned. This also holds true for anyone caught doing this in an automated manner for a self-use-only database (this is not unlike automated fishing or mining, which is also bannable).

We discourage making full logs of the listsold system for personal use. That's a lot of server queries just so you can Ctrl+F to find out the lowest price for Bone Chips, you inconsiderate jerk.

We encourage you to advertise your wares outside of "#listadd" (this includes but is not limited to the forums, your personal webpage, and your guild's forums). This is a social game, after all.


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Note that #1 no longer includes such gems as Chuck Norris jokes, "Where's Woldo", "THE NATION", and so forth. Please don't make it necessary to ban all references to Chuck Norris again.


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The absence of camps in SoD is to PREVENT people from being dicks to each other by 'claiming' a whole area for themselves. If you are interpreting that rule to mean that you can be a dick to another player, you are in the wrong. If you expend any energy arguing that you should be allowed to be a dick to another player, you are more than wrong - you are contemptible.
Stolen from another thread, but this clarification really should be here as well.
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