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Whenever you make a reply, sit back and consider "Am I actually contributing anything relevant to this thread that hasn't been said a million times before, without burying it in a slew of junk?" If you can answer yes to this question, go ahead and post. Otherwise, don't.

Forum Conduct

Backseat Moderation
We do not want people who are not staffers posting that something is or is not against the rules. PM a GM or admin if you feel something is breaking the rules, don't post in the thread about it.

Don't Harass Other Posters
Harassment is not okay. Attacking other posters, unless intensely funny and in good humor, will be met with consequences.

Mission to Civilize
If the entire point of your post is to be an asshole, do not post. Criticism is always welcome on these forums, but you do not have the right to phrase things in ways to purposefully be a strident dick. This goes for posts to players and to staff.

Down With the System
If you have a legitimate, substantiated complaint about a staffer's conduct, you need to report him to a higher up. The chain of command goes as follows:
For problems with GMs, contact Tarutao(Head of GMs). For problems with developers, contact Slaariel (Dev Administrator). For problems with admins, contact Woldaff. This is the only acceptable way of complaining. Complaining about GMs to their peers can get you banned, so again, take your chances.

Flame Retardant Forums
No direct attacks on other posters, period. Swear words are allowed in moderation if you're actually expressing something relevant with them and not just saying "fuck" for the sake of being rude.

Do Not Impersonate the Staff
Don't pretend to be someone you're not, no matter how funny you think it is. This includes imitating or stealing staffer names, signatures and avatars. Yes, even if you think you're hilarious. It also applies even when you point out there are several things that are different. In fact, don't use any material that could in any way be confused for something a staffer is currently using.

Insubordination is Unacceptable
If a GM or Admin tells you to stop doing something, you stop, right then and there. You may take it up with the GM or admin personally (refer to the chain of command for guidance above), but only in PMs.

Live and Let Live
The word filters are there for a reason. Don't try to circumvent them.

Masturbation Makes You Go Blind
No adult material on the forums, period.

No Fucking Referral/Vote For Me Shit
Just don't do it.

Not Everyone is Born Equal
From time to time, staffers will break the rules for various reasons. This is a fact. What's also a fact is that if you want to keep posting here, you won't break any rules regardless of this fact.

Screw you, Guild X
No guild drama whatsoever on the forums. Take your immature potshots elsewhere.

Structure Silliness
Your signature may be up too 200 pixels tall (including all images, text and whitespace) and must be undisturbing to the forums as a whole. No retarded seizure pictures, no speedily animated images at all. Furthermore, it may not exceed a total of 64kb in size. This includes avatars.

Make Posts Legible
Take the time to actually type out words. We do not want to read your posts if u typ like dis 2 be fast cuz its just a forum lol. In addition, we don't want to read posts that are a huge block of text with no formatting and/or show a lack of care on your part. If you can't be bothered to make your post readable, then we won't be bothered to read it. This is not an essay you're writing, but writing complete sentences and using paragraphs goes a long way to getting your point across.

Stuff That Should Not Be Posted
- Naming policy whines (take it up with Tarutao)
- Bumps. Adding more info is fine, but asking for an "official staff response" is not.

Let Old Posts Lie
-Do not revive posts that are several months old. We do not care that you found some guy from 2005 who agrees with your proposal to rename all bards Frank - start a new post.

"Is the server down?"
If you have to ask this, it probably is. Its status is accurate in SoD IRC topic.
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