Fancy Map Pack with Most of the Goodies


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So, cause the servers too small I don't feel like hiding this map pack anymore. For those of you old enough to remember, this is the Kakos map pack.... but I've added a ton of things to it.

UPDATE 10/06/2015: Huge shout-out to Resurgum folks for letting me tag-a-long to finish R1 droppers. Also to Kerolynne for reminding me that rogue sneak/hide is a thing so i don't have to monk flop to get to a spawn point.

For the big zone changes
  • Spires - Fully done (names on layer 1, traps on layer 2, wards on layer 3), use height filter for best effects
  • Tur'ruj - everything except Rujik cause the rogue I was using (who happens to be #1 rogue) apparently was too lazy to get a freaking rujik key.
  • Field of Bone - as much as I possibly could, even that uber red con dude in SW corner.
  • Tears of Elael - minor things
  • Prophets Landing - every R1 droppers "hard-coded" R1 dropper with the proper name. Note that this zone is rust-coded and any 'general' mob of a particular type has a chance to despawn the PH and spawn named.
  • Overgrowth - the harder stuff (did i show where to get the globe of wrath/rancor? oh well fuck it) from north side and the event, and even some strat leaks for an on-tier guild looking to do Kara'Kadar!
  • various other zones too, either too minor or I forgot to write them down. The focus on this update was towards the higher end of the spectrum, but there were numerous updates over the span of like 4-5 months as I played a bunch of secret squirrel alts in the lower levels that people from level 1 to Tier 500 can benefit!
****I'm an idiot and can't get file to upload, I e-mailed it to taryth and he will edit this post w/ the file tomorrow****

As always, please post if you have particular things you notice missing and when I come back in 2016 I will try and update them. Things I really want to add are Blackscale and Silver Crown locations!!!!

Use WinRAR to un-rar it, and go into your SoD folder (where u installed the game) and replace the maps folder with the one you just downloaded. Reload the game and enjoy! remember u can turn off base layers if there's too much info for you.
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Could you put this up again? I miss having good maps. My PC crashed recently and i didn't have any backups. Thanks in advance!


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Hey, the update has been posted. I'm an idiot and can't seem to get winRAR to split the file so i can upload it, so I e-mailed to taryth and he'll put the file in original post tomorrow hopefully. Just check in periodically for a day or 2, or harass him in IRC/in-game to check his e-mails.

Remember, I still need help w/ blackscale/silver crown and some of the lower level content stuff. Also you hookers who sneak away to do Jenrok, I need you twats to mark him on this map pack for me.

Someone got the balls/patience to mark the nagithilian drops for SC? whoever does should def get fame for that and then uploading the file to this thread.
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Taryth should either post this or someone should provide the file to me so i can get it posted for people but mostly for myself.

Here is the link click it then click the download arrow (should be in the center top) it will go to a page that will say connecting for a little bit (this part takes the longest) after that a dialog should pop up save it unzip it paste over top of your existing.

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cinny just put the link in above this post. use it for now until taryth adds it to original, or kero splits and harasses taryth to add it to original.


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bump. refer to post 9 (by Taryth) for the latest one that i was too dumb to figure out how to upload.

**Figured we'd gotten enough newbies to make this known again, cause it's helpful and stuff and whatnot**


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the 1st zip file is uncessable to me, when i click on it nothing happens, tried of 2 diff computers as well.
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