Errors using patcher


Dalayan Elder
After my power went out, I started having issues connecting to the game using the patcher. Whenever I hit 'patch and run' it gives me an error:

"Unable to contact server with diagnostic information! Please check your internet explorer settings and ensure you can connect to, and rerun the patcher."

On firefox and IE, the Shards website works. I reinstalled EQ entirely, downloaded the patcher again and try to manually install the files myself. Nothing seems to work.

Here's the log the patcher shows me:

Starting SoD Patcher version 1.80 at 07/29/11 - 22:02:09
Retrieving patcher CRC.
ERROR! Unable to open URL /patchlist.php?file=patcher
WARNING! Checksum retrieved for patcher is incorrect length 0. Ignoring new version.
ERROR! Unable to open URL /patch_diag.php?code=0

Any ideas?
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