Dominus Invictus


Dalayan Beginner

So we’re an up and coming guild still getting things together. So far we’ve attempted just a handful of full raids with some external support from generous peeps.

- Looking to add a variety of classes and build a solid mid tier (think t1-7) raiding guild and work our way up.

- So far objectives seem to be helping members complete a variety of quest related tasks, faction, grinding AA’s and farming, weekday 6 man stuff, but looking to build a consistent raid force for weekly raids and getting people geared.

Raid times:

Trying for two official weekly raids depending on availability:

Friday 6pm PST

Saturday 4pm PST

- Currently open to pick up group players ( just show up!)


- Could use a bit of everything, in particular DPS classes.

- Openings for: Wiz, Necro, Bard, Rog,

Additional healers: Sham, Druid, Cleric

- Looking for addition help with leadership tasks if anyone is interested in a pet project.


- No hard requirements, but ideally 65 working on AA’s, with some basic gear to start with or anywhere past that stage.

- If you’re a bit below level, still enquire; we might be able to help get you up to speed.

- Just show up, that's really the most important thing.

So truthfully, we’re a fledgling band of swashbucklers and we don’t have the extensive, long standing resources of some of the well-established guilds, but we do have some cool, genuinely pleasant, helpful people, who wanna play shards and a good casual vibe. If people are looking to help, it’s always appreciated.

Contact me:

Takeda through the forum (or just post in this thread)

Or Takeda or Ashure in game

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