Dissonatatus, Bladedancer's Enmity


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After parsing a few things:

Up-time on Flourish of Blades is equivalent to about 10-15% increased overall attack speed. 2 procs per minute with 6-8 seconds of buff each.

What does this mean?

Its about 5% better than Yivslayer with a very strong offhand.Does it really matter? No. Since 4.3 is probably the easiest 6 man to scum in above t11, I think the weapon is fine where it currently is. The aggression mod is almost pointless though, since a bard will not really be doing enough DPS with this baby to pull agro anyways.
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I pull agro with it.. I could probably blame the tanks idk were not t14 so our tanks aren't super godly yet... On a side note it's a good swap if I want agro. Like if I have to kite or tank something for the raid.. but yea seems like it takes to many jolts idk.. seems good overall


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Funeral mallet, predation? (don't own one, haven't parsed it), blade of a bygone era are all good choices. Mallet's probably the best choice out of those, especially if you have a disease focus you can slap on.


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After looking in to this I am actually going to be lowering the ratio of this weapon to a 44/44, which is only a slight nerf. This weapon is actually matching or exceeding Soulsong based on your offhand weapon dps wise, and for an item a couple tiers below I think that is a little much. I realize that soulsong has many other things going for it which is why I only nerfed 4.3 sword a little.
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