Decluttered Default Inventory UI


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This file modifies the default inventory UI to remove extraneous/non-SOD elements and slightly compact the window, while retaining most of the default layout.
  • Removed Radiant/Ebon crystal counters
  • Removed (crystal) reclaim button
  • Removed face/dye/done buttons (can use the /face and /bodytint commands to access those functions)
  • Removed power source inventory slot
  • Moved skills/AA buttons to the top right
  • Moved weight counter/destroy button underneath the bags
  • Blanked the text on the Shrouds/Evolutions tabs (unfortunately can't seem to remove those tabs without breaking the Alt Currency tab)


To install:
For old_icons UI users, just drop the file into your old_icons folder in your SOD/uifiles directory.
For default UI users, create a new adjacent folder in SOD/uifiles, drop the file in there, and /loadskin in-game to change to your newly created folder.


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Looks good; if you ever end up a donator you may want the dye button back though.
Hmm a fair point, but I feel face & dye are so rarely used that they're not worth the real estate. Dye is also accessible through /bodytint; I'll include that detail above
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