CoI - Rinbo Strongfoot bug :(

Kirin Folken

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Working my Way throw the CoI quests I realized I had forgotten Rinbos quests. Going back I find I cannot get Rinbo to respond to me in any way shape or form.

When hailed he just says...

"Hello Ibuki!, Pleasant day isn't it?"

nothing more.

I have skiped over him and done almost all of the Thug quests and all of the SS quests. So i am thinking my flag is bugged since I never talked to him before moving on.

If a GM wants to check flags, the Toon is Ibuki.

I have tryed dozens of different phrases and talks to everyone in the camp repeadly to try and get him to respond to him with no luck.

Edit: Well.... I just completed CoI aug without Rinbo quests so not a huge importance now.
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