Clickies with 10 min buffs


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Would it be possible to look into clickies that are now going to be huge in supplementing lesser versions of buffs with the 10m buff implementation, such as:
so that the clicky either has a different spell with a longer duration, or so that it doesn't tick down if the caster of the clicky is in group. Since only someone who is not the original class of the buff would use the clicky, they currently have to be recast every 10 minutes which seems a bit extreme as the buffs are far lesser back up versions of main buff lines anyways. Thank you!
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ITT we list items that used to be dogshit clickies but are now prime targets for nerf into total uselessness.


I understand that clicks with class buffs were a casualty of the changes but it would be great to know if this is being looked at and what even the end intended vision is.
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