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Hi just saying hello; it's more than 3 years since I was diagnosed with prostate cancer but still here and cancer free touch wood. Zoroth is still around as well but his wife wasn't so lucky and she succumbed to a very rare duodenal type of cancer. Was wondering whether some of my old mates were playing, in particular Wrigs and Lumineve as I see his band folded. Also Hi to Apros, Latten, Lleoc, Valorian and all the players that were in CW, Seven Virtues, Exodus etcetera. All the best to everyone and may yet log in as I see my toons are just being botted for mining or whatever.


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Hey man! Glad you made it out. well. Glad old Man Zoroth is doing well and my condolences for the loss of his wife.

Regarding people who play I believe its just Lleoc and its very sporadic. Lumi started a new band after hydrogen skyline folded. His new band, Delvr does twitch streams on a regular schedule (
). Him and Gabe (band mate) are pretty active and you can very easily see a show.


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Thanks for the info I will check Delvr out Hydrogen Skyline was quite good but it's tough to make it that business. Hi tinkaa what you up to these days?


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Tevinter just linked me to this post!
I am so glad to hear you are doing awesome and beat that shit. Tell Zoroth I said hello also, and a very deep condolences from me.

Deein you are always the homie and I still didn't learn that cover you wanted bro.

I don't know what is allowed on the forums anymore so feel free to edit things out if needed guys, but if you ever want to catch up with me stop by our discord for Delvr. It would be so fun to say hey to all the old friends. Since that I actually started up a fairly successful music school Silversound Guitar. I think I took the bard thing too far. Thanks SoD.
This place was/is amazing and the adventures were such good memories. I hope everyone else still playing that I know is doing well.


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Hey Nuchre, I am glad you're doing well. I have wondered how some folks from old CW have been, glad to hear you're healthy.
Sorry to hear about Zoroth's loss. Send my condolences :(


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Glad to hear you're doing well, man. Before I quit I was letting some newer folk use Ele/Nuchre. DM me if you ever need any of the info, though I'm sure you can recover it as well.
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