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Pulled from my old thread just to keep focus on this specific aspect of the Enchanter experience. I’m throwing out some ideas to better support it as a class ability. The focus is on survivability, scalability, and ease of use. 1) Survivability because it is an inherently risky mechanic, 2) Scalability because no other class has such poor scaling with gear and is so limited in damage potential by the zones they are in, and 3) Ease of Use because the current system is CLUNKY.


  • Continue the improvements to the misdirection spell line to synergize with charm.
    • Change the recourse to increase a charm pet’s hate as well as decrease the enchanter’s hate if cast on self or a charm pet. The duration increase is definitely a welcome buff however.
  • Add a class (perhaps capstone / tome style) AA to offer guaranteed protection upon a charm break “Willshaper’s Shield”.
    • R1) Automatic, short duration rune self-casts on charm break.
    • R2) Improves auto-rune absorption.
    • R3) Improves auto-rune absorption. Increases stun duration on charm daze to 4 secs.
    • R4) Improves auto-rune absorption AND duration. Increases charm daze stun to 6 secs.
  • Rework the Guardian Animation AA to “Enchanter’s Guardian”. Allow charm pets or the runework sentinel to block attacks on the enchanter in addition to just the animation pets.


  • Add pass-through AA to allow focus effects to affect charm pets and allow scaling with the enchanter’s gear.
    • A first step could be to tweak companion focus effects (Health / Strength) to work with charm pets, even if mechanics are not identical to how they work with summoned pets.
    • A subsequent step could be to consider applying caster foci to charmed mob abilities.
    • Finally, a way to apply overcap skills and advanced item effects might be considered.
  • Provide a means for uncapping Enc charm haste or provide a stackable AA haste (that would theoretically scale to the enchanter’s worn haste mod or attack).
  • Give enchanters a charm-only burnout type buff, and add them to the MielD spell.
  • Perhaps provide a means to scale runes (either the regular or the chromatic ones) on charmed pets.

Ease of Use

  • Would the staff consider adding a class AA called Mind Probe that lets an Enchanter see if a target is charm, stun, and mez immune without incurring agro? Potentially it could also report out the duration as a safety measure or indicate magic resistance / mitigation but have a small cooldown.
  • Ability to Suspend / Recall Pets (perhaps limit this to within zone for charm mobs because of global mob limitations) - This would allow an Enchanter to have a backup pet or two winin the same zone
  • Allow charm to break mesmerize effects on landing successfully – this is good if one is trying to continuously charm monsters in a dungeon crawl or if a pet dies and the enchanter wants to pick up a new one but all targets are already crowd controlled.
  • Add a bond spell for pets as an option for use when AOD or Cascading Bond are suboptimal. This could be offensive (dmg mimic or other share) or defensive (split dmg from Enc to pet)
  • Cornel's idea about adding a chance to permanently charm a pet (Dire Charm)
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We've been posting p much the same stuff over and over again since the refactor. Shards of Dalaya is a great game that is well balanced with hundreds if not thousands of hours of essentially free content (built on volunteer hours, no less) and I'm very grateful as a guy who has played this server since 2008. Enchanters could really use some help in 2022 tho, and the OP has many excellent ideas.


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Honestly, I box my enchanter quite a bit, on raids, not so much. The inability to know if a mob is charmable, mezzable is frustrating. I actually mezzed mobs last night as a "test" and had people apologizing (because I yell when they break mez). Nothing like thinking you're actually *enjoying* playing an enchanter after being the flipping bomb in zones like Frost to feeling like you're a buff bot. A way to know would be flipping outstanding.

I would love some type of Dire Charm. Dire Charm on EQ Live was overpowering for both a druid and a chanter. But a fixed duration, let's say 15 minutes, with a 30 minute recast, AA ability, we have to lock it down *half* the time. So you're constantly watching & figuring out if you should use the AA now, or wait until boss...

There's so much potential with the class. And the enchanters who have been playing much, much, much longer than me have great feedback. I'm posting as someone newish to playing the class & why it's so frustrating.
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