Characters 'invisible' after zoning


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When zoning, some of the time one or both of my characters appear out of zone to other characters in my group. I usually /cm refresh and it solves the issue, but it seems to be happening more frequently.

I just tried installing fresh from steam, as someone mentioned this could solve the issue, but on my 2nd zone over to test it occurred again.

Is there anything I can do to solve this so I don't have to refresh?


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We are aware of this issue and it is a higher priority. Unfortunately an appropriate solution has not been chosen. We were made aware that new installs were alleviating this (while doubtful from a technical perspective), so it kind of went on a pause. I also experience this with my brothers when playing. It’s not bad if your not zoning often, but it can be annoying.


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Thank you for the response! It just seemed to be happening to me more than others, and when the fresh install didnt' work I wanted to see if there was anything I could do.

It's annoying, but hitting /cm refresh is very worth the effort for this amazing game.

**edit: thanks for fixing this!
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