BUG: Mana Whisper does not stack with JB/Mana Regen Potion/etc.


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So, the effect 'Mana Whisper' does not stack with any form of mana regen. JB, shaman buff, mana regen potions

Here you can see, clicky for 10 mana. Click it, watch mana... notice it does not go up if you have a mana regen potion on. It will go up if you take off mana regen buffs. There is no indication it does not give you mana.
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Please note, this is an instant spell, not a buff. Someone with a mana regen potion would be better off sitting down and meditating rather than click the regen off to use this clicky.


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These spells are working as intended and do give you mana server-side, but a client update isn't sent immediately, so you don't see the mana show up on the client until the next mana update packet goes out.

Next patch it'll send a mana update when the spell lands.
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