Bard Instrument Ideas


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In order to leave the Bard Runic 2 pure, I decided to make a new thread.

Let me preface this by saying I am a very casual player who isnt well versed in the pure mechanics of the game. Ok, so now that everyone stopped reading my post.

Would there be any way to make instruments equippable in range slot rather than secondary? If so, could they be "activated" (Soandso puts the flute to his mouth...). When activated, secondary would stop swinging (again, im not sure if this is possible). Maybe this would be a stance, like some melee stances that check for a 2hander.

It would be neat if bards had instruments in their range. The stats would certainly need to be buffed up on current instruments, but it would stop the need for constant switching and could add some interesting decisions to equipping a bard.
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