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parser made it sound like insta cast spells sadly not the case :mad:
Based on how the spell parser interprets things like Vah vs what's on the wiki: vs

Slot 3: Decrease Casting Time by 55%
Slot 3: Improve Casting Time by 45%
From deduction,
Slot 11: Decrease Casting Time by 98%
would mean 2% improved casting time.

This would be hard to test / not sure if that even works in that slot as priest 4.3 clicky supposedly increases casting speed by 8%. But I forget / haven't tested recently if that reduces the casting before before you cast or not like vah or doesn't work at all. Either way, 2% would be pretty hard to test unless it actually effects the casting time of spells in the same spot you can see the cast time that accounts for casting speed increment.


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Damn pec, good eye. That probably is the case, so it's like the item has a stackable CSI 1 that also affects spells longer than 2 seconds. We got it and were immediately disappointed when every spell didn't insta cast. But the parser displays things in weird ways.


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If you use Haynar's offline spell parser it actually reports things accurately.

I drafted a wiki article on spell haste a while back, didn't finish it though, here's an unformated copy pasta of all those effects:

Effect Haste % Target Source Notes
Melody of the Heart 2% Group The Heart of Melody Undiscovered / removed?
Casting Speed Increment I 2% Single Focus effect
Experimental Runes 3% Single Focus effect
Casting Speed Increment II 4% Single Focus effect
Gift of Versikol 5% Single Versikol
Casting Speed Increment III 6% Single Focus effect
Soul Expansion 8% Group The Soul-Shepherd
Casting Speed Increment IV 8% Single Focus effect
Casting Speed Increment V 10% Single Focus effect
Blessing of Faith 10% Single ? Caps at lvl 61 spells
Blessing of Piety 10% Single ? Caps at lvl 39 spells
Casting Speed Increment VI 12% Single Focus effect
Casting Speed Increment VII 14% Single Focus effect
Possessed! 15% Single Lutak Gan Only while charmed.
Casting Speed Increment VIII 16% Single Focus effect
Air Essence Imbue 25% Single ?
Spirit of the Vah Shir 45% Single Standard of the Vah Shir
Althuna's Conduit 50% Single Paladin Spell
Rapid Recovery 50% Single Old CLR Thaz Armor Unobtainable / removed?
Fury of Elael 50% Single Rujik Also DoTs you
The Long Night 50% Single Standard of the Vah Rashaam Also blinds you.
Lifebond Effect 100% Single Old Necro Thaz Armor Unobtainable / removed?
Madness of the Mother 100% Single NZ Scrambles chat
Thazeran's Contempt 200% Single Only while charmed.

Kapitol K

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priest 4.3 clicky eats eniva priest clicky.

eniva priest clicky eats ancient druid regen.

would be sweeeeet if melody of the heart gave some sta regen =(
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