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Archaics for most classes are fairly class defining spells and when there was a higher population at lower tiers hanging out killing prison/rust/enthann/tot/etc you could reasonably expect to make them with a decent amount of luck (some exceptions of course for exceptionally bad streaks but I digress). Nowadays if you want to get one for an alt you'll probably find a friend or two to box and kill Prison trash and hope for the best or find random Rust raid mobs up to kill and hope there also. This is kind of tedious and annoying to ask people to do so I'd like to make a request to possibly ease this up, especially compared to Runics nowadays where you can get a lot of the parts in common XP zones for Runic 1 and Runic 2 is Yclist (likely the goops which while annoying drop parts at a decent rate and they're class agnostic) and Spires which currently has 3? guilds vying for mobs in there.

My suggestions are:

- A quest NPC next to the box person for archaics that will take 2-4 rot pages (maybe split them up between Priests/Casters but I personally don't see a reason to) and give you a random fragment for your class. It's still random but at least you have a guaranteed chance at a page you might need.

- A higher tier 6 man (or perhaps raid?) that drops 1-2 completed archaics. Still random, not as random as getting 4 different fragments

- The ability to purchase frags (or perhaps a completed spell?) for scholastic tokens. I'd gladly pay like 5-6 scholastic tokens for an archaic, probably more to be honest.


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I can say that farming archaic garbage (especially for a priest) has pretty much killed my drive to make or play an alt and would love to see any sort of shift to making it easier. Maybe change the relic drop chances on sanctum bosses and make it a guaranteed archaic?


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Bump, still trying to get the same torn right necro fragment after 4 months of killing inner prison, valorb, and various crap in rust. This system is kind of bad for where the game is now and it's pretty frustrating how utterly random it is, not to mention wasting 4-5 other people's time killing trash for little reward on their end. I made my runic 2 with a lot less time and effort and also managed to make a ritual spell. If I had rolled a mage I probably would've made 3 archaics at this point.


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Just put frags into higher end exp zones/raids. At this point archaic frags are just mostly boredom and a lot of disappointment. Being able to convert random frags isn't bad either.
From a player who gave up on druid archaic after 3~ years of incredibly bad luck.


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Maybe if you just progressed the right way and not just skip to the end of the game you wouldn't feel like you're wasting your time doing low tier content without a reward.


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This is one of the main things that decide what characters I make. Grinding spells in this population seems rough.


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I feel frags, ancients, and relics should be purchasable from Thurg Bounty Hunting. If you can assemble tier 8ish gear, why not be able to purchase frags that drop from tier 5-9 zones?


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Its easier to get R1 than archaic for the most part. Since Archaic is an old part of the game, its never gonna get changed.

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Maybe every class could share the same frags? Or have int caster frag and wis caster fags? It would reduce the tediousness and still keep the progression the same?


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Can someone show me where the last time someone posted a suggestion, the staff seriously considered it and actually said something in response? I can seem to find any examples of players providing feedback and staff acting on that feedback.


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Can someone show me where the last time someone posted a suggestion, the staff seriously considered it and actually said something in response? I can seem to find any examples of players providing feedback and staff acting on that feedback.

Let Taryth know that the old adepts were using the old system of timers and he adjusted it to level/2
Let Taryth know that Wind Hag adds were not doing their proper attacks and he changed it to work properly.

As recent as 2 weeks ago


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This has been on my personal list of things that I think makes sense and should have an alternate form of progression that isn't so RNG heavy, along with ED swords. I think there are some decent suggestions and once I have some other things cleared I will think about it more seriously.


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The fragments being class specific is probably the biggest issue and have had countless fragments rot over the years, farming them is more of guild issue and many of the posts about how hard they are to get goes hand in hand with the willingness of guilds backgearing to obtain archaics.
I have found that with effort you can get them to drop consistantly enough but having the class there to not have them rot is pretty lame. Perhaps all that is needed is to lump them into categories like enc, wiz , mage , necro and cleric , shm , druid on the others.
as an example which is by no means 100% accurate but my findings over years of farming archaics a few zone that do drop them have an extremely low drop rate compared to others listed below.

allclasses-IP: with a full clear I have come to expect about 4-5 fragments when compared to ritual fragments which drop at ridiculous amount of like 10-15 or more

allclasses-OP: most consider this to be a lesser area to get fragments but I have found that is equal to IP (about 4) but without the rituals dropping and few guilds will do the front part entered via everfrost and is easily 1 group cleared in about an hour and a half as a side note the triggered trap mobs in the tunnels leading to master of the gates are on fast timer like 30 mins ! Stop ignoring this front part of OP and you will have better success as well as edmaps drop there and a decent cash run with a couple relic dropper mobs along the way.

allclasses-Rust: about 1-3 fragments per boss (CW, mercury, iridium, silver , astatine) trash clear

allclasses-ValorB: about 1-4 fragments on trash clear also the boss chests will drop fragments!

the other zones are like much less (Frost , grobb UC , ToT) you will be lucky to get 1 fragment to drop

hopefully this helps a bit from dev view point and a guild backgear perspective.
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Can someone show me where the last time someone posted a suggestion, the staff seriously considered it and actually said something in response? I can seem to find any examples of players providing feedback and staff acting on that feedback.
well i came up with some ideas for some mobs, gave them to a dev, he put them in and was shit on by other staff, dev quit, staff got mad i came up with ideas for mobs, banned me. rip


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I honestly feel bad for Rymy, cause its basically all up to him to do the work now. I hope he sticks around


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I like Paxit's idea. If we removed the class specificity and changed to a system based on archetype alone, that should help out archaic farming a lot. If we called them 'a divine spell fragment' and 'an arcane spell fragment' and kept the 4 icon types and replaced all the other variants with class and zone to just 4 of the right icon and right archetype it would simplify the quest a lot. Without needing to get the right class and without having the spells from different zones have different names thing, it would all be much more straight-forward to explain as well as being a lot less random.
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