April Fools Reactions 2013


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The computer I use for SoD is so trashy I cant run Pandora and play at the same time, so when I play I'm always using Pandora on my phone or listening to my ipod. Is this going to get me in trouble now?

I understand the need for money, I just wish there was a way around the sound thing. Maybe a popup or something that needs to be clicked on? Idk, something like that would be nice for me, but I guess is just more work for you guys to implement something like that.

Perhaps a warning that there was a monetary problem and that these ads would be the solution could've resulted in some more people chipping in. There used to be donating drives back in the day. I apologize if there was talk of this and I missed it.


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I was 2 boxing today and the sound check to make sure i was listening kept happening and then i didnt know which client i had to respond on and when i tried to figure it out too long i forgot i was the tank and we all died and my immersion was ruined.

Bad ideas.


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So when someone boxes a character and misses 5 ads will they be banned because of this?


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Could we get a compromise on this, like maybe a auto detect box system so you only get it on one client or if you miss it on one but get it on another you get a pass? Lets at least be fair about it.


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Personally I love it. I even sprung to purchase my own ad. Spend more than 7 consecutive hours in EW near the orc forts and you will get to hear Le Marseillaise with re-purposed lyrics dedicated to the "Free Eustace" foundation.
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