<Altruistic Valorians> Casual Raiding Guild Seeking More (Currently T8)


Dalayan Beginner
Hi everyone.

<Altruistic Valorians> was formed in April 2016 to be a casual raiding guild in SoD by new members who have not witnesses this game before. 5 months later, we are proudly in T8 content, raiding every TUESDAY 8PM EST to 12AM EST...looking to grow our part time family.

We are seeking the following classes:
  • Wizard
  • Enchanter
  • Bard
  • Mage
  • Rogue
  • Ranger
  • Beastlord
  • Cleric
Eventually, we are aiming to set up a 2nd raid night in the week once we have a solid force and officer core that can handle it.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

FORUMS: michaelcerantola.com/AV


Dalayan Beginner
With the diminishing populous of this game, it seems like I chose a bad time to begin playing SoD. I started in March of 2016, and I quickly fell in love - but it looks like I was a few years too late. Nevertheless, I began with a few former guildies from EQ1 Live and we recreated our guild, <Altruistic Valorians>.

We got a lot of headway, and a huge influx of people so fast that we couldn't keep up. We were doing phenomenally and climbed up the ranks from T1 to T8 within a few months. Once August hit, we fell victim to the usual MMO "Summer Slump". We went from having 20+ Mains on our raid night, to having maybe 10.

Many people disappeared without bothering to inform us, and some proved to just be alternate characters of other raiding guilds who would only log in on Tuesday Nights, and not be there to group or quest with others the remainder of the week.

It seems there are too many guilds now, and not enough people. Problem is, most people seem to dislike others, so there are so many guilds so people don't have to interact with the ones they don't like. I am adamant to try to make this work. We are willing to take in players of all levels and experience.

  • -Obtain Relics
  • -Obtain Progressive Loot
  • -Grouping with guildies and learning new ways to be better at your class
  • -Enjoy a casual raiding atmosphere (1 night a week TUESDAYS, 8PM EST)
  • -Enjoy a fun atmosphere with some great people

  • -Solid Head on your Shoulders
  • -Commitment to Tuesday Night Raids. At least 85% Attendance (if you can't make it one night a week it will not benefit us, or you)
  • -A Desire to Progress your character outside of raid nights (logging in only for raids and not seeing you on for a whole week looks bad, and doesn't help benefit other guildies)
  • -Willingness to learn, to wipe, to raid 4 hours a week.

Our Main, Dedicated Raid Force Currently Consists of:
  • 1 Shadow Knight
  • 2 Clerics
  • 2 Shamans
  • 1 Enchanter
  • 1 Monk
  • 1 Warrior
  • 1 Druid
  • 1 Ranger
  • 1 Mage
  • 1 Beastlord
  • 0 Bards
  • 0 Rogues
  • 0 Wizards

Please send a tell to Souldor, Vaelrathe, or Anasta in-game, or PM me on these boards, or visit us at our website. We want to raid, and we need people to do so. There must be other people out there, casual play style, that would love to see some of the end game raid fights.

Some of our recent raids include:
  • Tower of Tarhyl (Ansaag, Farhag Wing, Djar Wing)
  • Plane of Frost (Golem side)
  • Grobb Undercity
  • Inner Prison

We are currently trying to gear up and prepare to enter T10 raiding.
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