Agni stealth nerfed.


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Was this intentional? It has been a well over 1 ratio for (at least) a few months now. After the last patch it is now back to a 1/1 ratio that it had in like 2014, with the same proc rate. Was it overpowered before? It is certainly underpowered now for something of that difficulty to get. Even with its 'high' proc rate, it in no way offsets the crap ratio now.


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More like it was stealth/accidentally/unintentionally buffed a few months ago. The ratio it's at now is what it's been for years.


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Ugh yeah, I had really hoped that was not the case. Oh well, back to the bag with you, poor, poor Agni. Someday I shall find a 2hander worth using...


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Didn't agni get nerfed a really long time ago. Eitherway get the sickest 2hander known to man which is that lifetap lance from hmal.
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