A Fresh Look at Gruplok Faction and the Murk


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A number of years ago, I made a post about making the gruplok town a real city - there was a lot of hay made about how the gruploks are supposed to be pathetic, they are always under the watcful eye of Kaezul's legions, and there is no reason for them to have anything good going for them. It has been years since then, and we now have fully functioning banks and clockworks in Ikisith. Whereas the refuge has always been pretty polished, the murk still feels very flat. I'm wondering if there is any way we can revisit the idea of a small amount of progress for the gruploks (and the murk in general). The quests there are pretty grindy and annoying, and unless you are a port class, there is very little reason to get very far on the faction (especially in light of the Ambient Accumulator) ... I'd propose the following.
  • Add shovels, bandages, fishing pole, and fishing supplies to the initial gruplok merchant in town. I don't think this is either game or lore breaking, even for a faction as sad as the gruploks.
  • Add a small faction increase to killing undead frogloks in the murk, EJ, and remnants. Cap it at the start of Apprehensive. Start it with a flag after you finish gift for the gruploks and talk to the Healer. This reduces the grind from dubious to apprehensive which is currently awful, and it allows someone who grinds this to have access to a few more quests to start out questing proper at apprehensive instead of dubious.
  • Consider adding class trainers for classes the gruploks have (rogue at least, in light of the poison changes - perhaps shaman, ranger, cleric, warrior) - Maybe add a supply vendor for class specific needs in these cases. Nothing fancy.
  • Take a look at murk tradeskill items (swap diamond, weave of existence, gruplok clay idol). Improve drop rates for precursor items and consider adding other tradeskill rewards that can be envisioned within the context of a hunter / gatherer village. Maybe the gruplok could even get a mini-facelift that focuses on unique, Ikisith-specific, tradeskilling.
  • Utilize unused NPCs within the murk town to provide a few new quest options at each faction tier - and tie them into the other factions in Ikisith... There are gruploks in the refuge and elsewhere. Perhaps they would like to communicate with their brethren.
  • Improve loot for Skiris`ka the Loathing and / or add a couple of named in the Murk
  • Add some way to bank in the zone... it doesn't have to be at the frog village. You could do something with the seekers / resistance / refuge. This will continue to be a gripe for people who are freshly Ikisith flagged. When we have both EJ and LOIO as options for banking (both behind a lot of gatekeeping), I'd like to see something for new players here. Purely a quality of life issue.
  • Maybe step up the Kaezulian patrols and add some semi scripted events to make the zone feel more alive... If the gruplok truly are under the eye of Kaezul, maybe we could show some evidence of their presence outside their corner of the zone near Ikild.
I'd welcome any feedback on these or other suggestions to improve this central-but-dull faction and zone. Thoughts or ideas?
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