(2.5 UI) Draist's UI(Alpha)


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For "fun" while I was having some downtime I started working on some some custom UI stuff for the first time. Below is what I have come up with after 2 days of working on it.

First up the Player Window I modded to include current XP and AA percentage so I wouldn't need to open inventory just for this info.little side thing is the button with AA on it opens the AA window.

Second/Last and by far the most pain in the rear has been the inventory window. EQ is super picky about certain elements existing even if you don't actually use them which led to many searches with very few answers. most results that had the problems fixed them without sharing solutions. Eventually I got all the errors solved. While editing a UI if in the UIErrors.txt file shows something about missing children probably means you need to make a stub for that element(assuming you removed it).

Changes to Inventory window include:
1.removing live specific Radiant and Ebony Crystals
2.removing live specific Power source slot
3.replacing XP and AA gauges with percentages to save space
4.moved a lot of information to where the class specific animation was which still functions as a drop zone.
5.aligned inventory boxes vertically(yay for less confusion as to which box is first for food organization.)
6.money is aligned horizontally on bottom.
7.removed useless buttons from alt currency window.
8.Old Window size Width 428 Height 480.New Size Width 320 Height 440.
9.Equipment is organized into a 5 icon X 8 icon square.
Below is an image that shows both pieces in use.

1.Hope to get rid of evolution and shroud tabs just need to figure out how to not lose alt currency data in the proccess.
2.maybe merge alt currency data into main window.
3.Shrink money display to eliminate some more blank area(if it doesn't look bad).
4.maybe ditch alt advance button since on player window. Mostly left for others that may want it there.
5.maybe modify a few other windows.

I have only done basic tests on these they show no errors but I have noticed crashes sometimes on /LoadSkin usually fine once recovered. Use at own risk. Warnings about loading default files are normal and I have not found any documentation on how to turn these warnings off. Some text may overflow as my test toon didn't have everything maxed.long names might garble stuff on player window. That being said Good Luck with these hope they are useful to someone.


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