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Anyone who will listen - sovereign. Motes of fire/ice Cole. I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting. So kindly fuck off
Chunk/corona - marza. Regalia of the decayedc- supreme, fires of heaven - rymy, multiple bloodstorm items - supreme
In PM's to devs because we no longer live in the dark ages where we can't talk to devs
If by hidden you mean wore it on my char & discussed it on public channels. Where are all your other nerf posts, current items balanced eh?
@Melodico I've never parsed a "patch" in my life. Also im not spinning shit. You kept an obviously broken item hidden and didn't report it.
keep parsing the patches, ya cheating whore. Nice spin, did you work for the Trump campaign by chance?
@Melodico Glad to see you're still butt hurt about trying to hide broken shit cause you're a scum bag after all these years
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