Yclist Runic Spell Scrolls


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I know this is something that has been discussed at length in discord and within various guilds, but Runic 2 spells have always had a very particular bottleneck in my eyes. The Yclist "Alterations/Evocations/Divinations/Conjurations of the Old Empire" are the major culprit and a huge deterrent/annoyance in getting these very powerful spells.

Some will say "But Stever, these spells are powerful and the SHOULD be hard to get". That's fair, but I'd argue that getting R1 (shell, core, and glyph) as very random drops within Ikisith xp zones serve as a nice time sink. Then you need to get enough friends to go to spires and kill the specific bosses that drop the frags that you need. Throw in the Kaesora and field of bone pieces which can be long camps and you have yourself a nice little investment of time.

This doesn't even touch on the 4 scrolls that you need from Yclist. Yclist trash has variable respawns from 11ish hours (goops) to 3 days (golems/most enchanters). While the goops are duoable, there are only about a dozen of them to kill. The other trash in the zone is not as duo friendly. Can you go suffer in remnants city hard side and pray for some drops? Sure, but the drop rate there is abysmal and you'd have a better time pugging Yclist (still not a good time).

My suggestion is to get rid of "Alterations/Evocations/Divinations/Conjurations of the Old Empire" and simply have "Magus Rune Component" drop. Instead of fighting RNG and having 8 alterations drop before you get your last scroll, you loot 4 of these, combine them in your Kaezulian Spell Rune to get your Kaezulian Magus Rune.

This bottleneck got magnified when the "Banner jump" got removed 2? years ago and you could no longer get access to the back pool with trash up. You used to be able to make your way to the back to kill the goops. Now you basically are forced to camp 2 toons back there and log in every 11 hours to kill the goops. Could you get some friends to kill more than just the goops, sure, but the zone trash is incredibly annoying to deal with.

Again, obviously the way it is now works. There is nothing "wrong" with how it is besides the feeling to stay camped in the goop pool for days on end getting duplicate drops and not advancing your character. I get this is a choice an individual makes and there are alternatives. This would be another QOL improvement similar to how archaic spell fragments got changed a few months ago (which was a great change!).

(As an aside, can the upgraded spell rune, Kaezulian Magus Rune, be made to be 10 slot instead of 2? Thanks.)

TLDR - Change "Alterations/Evocations/Divinations/Conjurations of the Old Empire" to a generic drop "Magus Rune Component" that you need 4 of.

Thanks for reading, or not.


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This is in line with the archaic spell frag change which was a massive QOL improvement and resulted in way fewer rotted QPs. Folks still had to do the content, they just weren't absolutely hornswaggled by RNG as often. I argue many of the archaics are more powerful or at least more impactful than many of the R2s, too.
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