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Objectively speaking, the misdirection spell line buff is nice. Illusory sleight should be less of a pita to set up.

I was hoping for a few more carrots, particularly some direct or ancillary spells/bonuses to smooth out charmfighting. That knight rework probably ate up a lot of precious dev time tho


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Bumping this thread in anticipation of the new patch.

I know that we are still missing a lot of charm mobs for EXP and RAID zones!
Can we make sure that we patch a few in? Also, I know it's low priority, but I know it was talked about making the Ancient Invisibility a group or raid castable spell...

Any word on this or any of the other suggestions in here?


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@Dev-Cole I appreciate keeping it on the radar.

Charm mobs do not require a patch. I can do this whenever. I still remember the zones, prison, tot, yclist.

Those were some of the biggest need areas. The other areas where it would be really nice would be Tur'Ruj and Plane of Fire. The full list I made is here.

The other things with charm are 1) scaling and 2) support abilities.

1) No other class does has different dps potential like with charms based on zone (and also independent of gear). A t15 wiz does t15 dps in silent halls or blackburrow. A charmed pet will be zone dependent. Perhaps there can be a way to scale with companion foci / other gear or adjust in another way.

2) Charm is clunky, and there is a need for support skills to make it worthwhile (especially in small settings). Think, being able to heal pet, run burnout type spells for a fast dps phase, suspend pets, and provide survival when a pet breaks (maybe an autorune ability or enhanced charm daze on break, etc). I would start by adding enc to the burnout spell line and mield spell.

I made a big post with suggestions for charm support earlier. More ideas there for the ambitious...
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