Voice of the Centaur - Corrupted Centaur Elder


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After a few hours killing Centaur in the centaur camp in South Badlands, I am finally Ally faction. I went back to update the quest and reviewed the info on the wiki. Looks like the mob I need spawns in the SE corner after killing "A Corrupted Centaur Elder". Wiki doesn't have much info on the elder, but I've kept the centaur camp clear incase it spawns there and have used my ranger to run around and track - no luck finding the named mob or the elder. Is there a trick to spawning the elder? Are mobs other than Centaur place holders? Is it just a super rare spawn at the centaur camp? Been banging my head against the wall not knowing if what I am doing is the way to go about it or if I am just missing a step. Any help or guidance is much appreciated.



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Hello M,

Recently was running around collecting Centaur Manes for a Silver Crown quest. I did find the named up. I can't tell you how it spawned, but it was roaming around in the SE corner somewhat near the Starfall zone / bird fort. I would continue just killing elders in that area, it's very possible it might be rare as a lot of younger quests like that were built unnecessarily rare.

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Thanks so much for the Reply mate! That is what I figured - and I am fine grinding it out as long as I have to. Just wanted to make sure I was grinding out the right thing HAHA!

Thanks again!
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