Upcoming beastlord pet change


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After doing some reviews of where beastlords are post-revamp, overall I think it's been a decent success. One area where it has not is pet mimics of procs. This was highly debated during revamp as to whether it should be allowed at all, and I argued that it's worth allowing it. What I'm seeing, however, is that it's stronger than I wanted - the main design of the mimic stance was to primarily mimic spells and encourage casting.

This particularly causes a problem for itemization - in order to put BSTs on interesting/powerful proccing weapons, we have to really consider whether pet mimics will mess everything up in the process. In some ways, this will leave BSTs on the sidelines for certain items going forward, because of the concern over the secondary DPS increase of pet mimics.

So, rather than getting rid of proc mimics, we came up with a compromise: pets will mimic all cast spells as usual (including clickies, though I may have to look at this in the future), but proc mimics will have a cooldown of 8 seconds. This means that a pet can mirror a proc, but another won't be mirrored until that 8 second delay is elapsed.

It's never entertaining to make downgrade changes, but this is necessary if we are to allow itemization to remain sane. Fixing individual items was not realistic, and in many cases affects classes that weren't even seeing a problem, therefore it doesn't make sense to make them pay a penalty for an issue with a different class. There may be opportunities in the future to provide more options in this area (like a "full mimic" stance that DOES mimic all procs, but has a much higher stamina drain), but nothing is set in stone.

Sorry to be the bearer of (somewhat) bad news. I did want to give folks a heads-up, though.
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