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Hi guys.

I downloaded the UI, put it in its own file folder in my steam uifolder, am able to choose the option in game using /load and unclicking "keep your layout," and the file wont load... It keeps my current UI that is the one you get default. What did I do wrong? I know I am probably missing a step or two. :)

Also, Absybthe, is there a group window with the UI you posted and it is not shown or didI miss it somewhere?

Thanks in advance for your help!

You want to either unzip to your destop and copy/paste to or unzip to your ui folder which can be found:

C:\Program Files\Sony\EverQuest\uifiles

That is the normal path for most standard installs.

I use a laptop so my res is set to 1440x900. It's not eally a standard reslolution when compared to most desktop users.

The group button is a bit confusing to start its a small bar about 2 cells wide and unless yer grouped you most likely won't know what it is for. Also moving the Sars and group bars is a bit tricky to start as well you must click on the borders of the cells to move them.

Finally, I did not include an ini file so you will have to manually configure how it is set but then just copy the chartacter ini file and rename to make instant changes for all alts. The file will be in the everques directory normally named UI_playername_ just copy to desktop and rename and paste over alts files for instant config.
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Folks sorry for taking so long, RL has put a curve in my plans. I will be making space on a server this week to host working UI's for the game. I just need to get it up and ready so it can be linked in the forum.
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