Triggered Raids


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Here is a crazy, elaborate idea I came up with after reading all of the threads about raid timers.

Basically, guilds could be able to do a quest that would trigger a raid. Here is an example:

This triggered raid would involve the Dragons of Dalaya and their 'curse'. A quest would start in Storm Keep. Frost King Rymaz Sunbane recruits you and your comrades to investige the curse of the Dragons. Wants you to bring pieces of the Dragon's anatomy back to him. You go around, kill trash mobs in NDHK and collect Dragon Hearts, livers, etc. and bring them back to him.

He has his alchemist inspect the findings. The alchemist needs a special catalyst to properly break the organs down due to their magical nature. The alchemist sends you off to collect four different ingredients for the catalyst that can drop off of trash mobs in four planar zones. After getting the four ingredients, the alchemist breaks down the organs and comes up with the same substance from all four items. He is perplexed that all the organs would have the same substance and refers you to Grand Librarian Heslag.

After looking over the findings, Grand Librarian Heslag, begins to research and try to find and historical mention of this. He finds an ancient book on dragon anatomy, but, you guessed it, some of the pages are missing. He then orders you to go find the missing pages. They drop from trash mobs in say, prison. After you return the pages to the librarian he translates them. It seems that the 'substance' introduced to the dragons way back by descendants of the Giants. They tried to poison and weaken the Dragons, but it actually infused into the dragons. He refers you back to the King.

The King is fascinated with your findings and rewards you with 'clickieitem094'. Now he wants you to experiment with the substance and see what it would do to other creatures, and bring back any findings. He has you go infect various creatures with the substance to see what happens. You go hand it to Gnok and he turns into badass Gnok, this makes Gnok more powerful and gives him a different loot table. You Kill badass lavascale, and other wordly mobs whose current loots are basically obsolete due to tradeskill items. You bring the essences of the creatures back to the King.

The king senses that the essences are cursed and has a Demonologist look over them. The Demonologist concludes that the curse is tied to the spirit world and that the essences are very powerful. He wishes to destroy the items and fears that grave consequences could happen from creating them. He needs a several items from powerful foes to try to destroy the essences. These can be found on raid mobs in zones like thaz, inner prison, etc.

After bringing the required items, the Demonologist prepares for a ritual to banish the essences back to the spirit world. He asks that you bring a strong force with you as he fears the essences may revive. As he begins the ceremony, the magic is too great and your whole raid suddenly appears in a familiar place. You are in DHK, but you sence a strange magical force and the place does not seem 'real'. You have entered the true nature of the curse of the Dragons, as you are in the spirit realm of the actual curse. The mobs are beefed up to the appropriate tier with appropriate loot.

I know this is long and drawn out but here is what it could provide:
Big time sink quest to prevent the spawned raid from happening too often.
No need to implement new zones.
More raid targets added by the beefed up wordly mobs and the beefed up DHK.
Something new and different.
Not actally and 'instance zone' but is virtually instanced since only the people flagged can go, etc.

Stuff I haven't thought out too much:
Would have to look into a way of getting back after wipe, etc
Adding new people to raid


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Stuff I haven't thought out too much:
Would have to look into a way of getting back after wipe, etc
Adding new people to raid

People who are allied dragon... like me :p

I love the idea though! I am not knocking it in the least.


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It sounds amazing. you have to work for the chance to get into that instance, and that part I simply love. It is like with making Vah playable, have to work your ass off. And the quest you propose sounds good too. Follows lore and works with the specified mobs mentioned.


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Really this is not even an instance, it is just another version of the zone. From what I understand from the OP anyone could access the zone once they had permission even if they were not part of the same raid theoretically. Though am not in that tier, I think it sounds like a great idea.


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Something like this is allready in game, kinda. Just no dragons are involved.


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I like the idea for the quest and zone, but why would it really need to be an activated, instanced version of DHK? I don't think the workload between crafting what you described and a "new zone" would really be all that different, just adding HP and AC to the existing DHK mobs would be boring anyways.

I'd love to explore the Dragon's Curse and the quest you described seems pretty cool, but why not just have the quest reward be a raidwide port clicky into (for lack of a better name) Plane of Dragons that works as a regular raidzone afterwards?
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